Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MoFo: Doodle Pancakes & Doodle Winners!

Congratulations! We made it to the end of VeganMoFo! 
I did 30 posts in 30 days ~ Huzzah!

I hope you had a great time blogging and reading and surfing around through more vegan blog posts than a person could possibly read in a month! I plan to continue clicking through randomofo.com, so that I can keep finding new blogs to follow. I had a really great time blogging this year, and I also did a better-than-usual job of surfing and commenting all month. I loved that bit!

Since it's the last day of MoFo, I wanted to go out with a bang!  Last week Mr VE&T saw a great little movie on Facebook of someone doing neat portraits with pancake batter. It was  pretty cool and we both thought how fun it would be to turn my little doodles of our family into pancakes!

can you even see the faint outlines of my doodles?

Well, as you can see, it might have been fun, but it wasn't really very successful. In fact I did some with some pancake batter and when that wasn't working, I tried it again with some crepe batter. I tried leaving the drawing part on the skittle for longer before adding the "fill-in batter", but nothing worked! Maybe I need a different kind of skillet? A different kind of batter?

Still I love this idea. What other fun ways could I do doodle food? I am already hard at work brainstorming ideas. I thought this would be such a fun post for the day when I reveal the winners of my Doodle Giveaway Contest, so even though it wasn't the biggest success, I forged ahead fearlessly!

ha ha. It is sorta weird to eat a pancake that's supposed to be you. 
But it's even weirder not to eat a perfectly good pancake, so it sure didn't stop us! 

Speaking of the Doodle Giveaway Contest
drumroll please!
We have TWO Winners:
#24 Nicole of Vegan Nom Noms
#28 Rachel

and HappyMoFo to all!


  1. I think the doodle pancakes turned out pretty well actually! Plus, at the end you get to eat pancakes, and so everyone is a winner! Great job with MoFo!!! I'm super impressed that you hit 30 posts, especially with doing round-ups over on the MoFo blog and being interviewed by the Sexy Vegan. You were a busy bee!!

  2. What fun pancakes! And such an awesome giveaway; congrats to the lucky winners! :)

  3. Those pancakes look great, I can see the doodles!

  4. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I think the pancakes came out really great for your 1st attempt!!

  5. I love your pancakes and I definitely recognised them as your family. Maybe you'd have to leave the outline parts in the pan even longer to make them stand out? But you don't want burnt pancakes! They look good either way. :)
    And congrats to the winners! what a wonderful prize.

  6. Once again you are a MoFo maven! Thank you for sharing a whole month's worth of entertaining and inspiring posts. I'm moving this weekend so I haven't been able to participate this year, but loved following along with you.

  7. Congratulations to the winners :)

    These pancakes look adorable. THe type of pancake you put in a frame.
    Oh. Wait. In your mouth :)

  8. Hooray MoFo! Thank you for providing us with so many entertaining posts, inspiring recipes, and adorable doodles. I'm going to miss your daily posts, but you've earned some R&R!

  9. Yay for MoFo! It's been so fun and I love your final doodles. The pancakes are so fun, you can totally tell what they're meant to be!

  10. While not as super awesome as your doodles, the pancakes do look really good! I love the doodle of you eating pancake you! So funny! I have enjoyed your posts this month.

  11. I gotta get some squeezy bottles...this looks so fun! The magic must be in the timing between the two layers. Must take a lot of pancake practice to get it right. ;)
    Many thanks!

  12. Not very successful? I think those look fabulous! I have to tell F about this, I am sure she'd love to help me draw something into our pancakes.

  13. I can totally see your cute doodles in the pancakes! After reading that you weren't entirely satisfied with the outcome, an idea came to me: maybe it would help to have contrasting batters? You could divide your batter, and add a bit of cocoa powder to one of the parts, for example. I imagine that using one colour for the drawing and the other one as fill-in batter would help the drawing stand out a little more. Worst case scenario, you get to enjoy vanilla and chocolate marbled pancakes!

    1. Josiane, that's a great idea!! Thanks so much! I'm totally going to try it, and I promise to post about it when I do!


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