Saturday, September 19, 2015

VeganMoFo Day 19: Lunch at the Ocean with a Friend

Today's MoFo Prompt: "Lunch on the go"

I'll tell you the truth: I almost never eat lunch on the go. I teach my classes in the mornings or the evenings, and I pretty much always enjoy eating my lunch happily at home. I usually eat leftovers, or simple veggies and a little sweet treat for lunch. I sometimes read or do the crossword while I eat, and sometimes I even surf through my Instragram feed while I eat. It's a nice, quiet part of my day.

But when my friend Connie invited me for a lunch date, I asked her if we could have "lunch on the go" - ha ha! I confessed that I was multitasking friend time and mofo tasks, but hey, she was cool. :) 

our sandwich friends, side by side

So, we met up at a local health food store (New Leaf) and each ordered a sandwich from the deli. They have a cool little form you fill out, where you just mark all the things you want on your sandwich, and then they make it for you. Connie got a baked tofu sandwich, and I got a vegan BLT. Plus I got a Kevita because I am nuts about those things. Connie was more frugal and brought water with her. We took our sandwiches down to the cliffs to enjoy our lunches in the sun, overlooking the surfers and the ocean. Not so bad for lunch on the go.

Here's my sandwich!

It was a pretty good sandwich - tempeh bacon, avo, tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts... and some hearty wheat bread. Connie's had too much mustard and was so spicy that it hindered her enjoyment of it. Isn't that such a bummer when that happens? Some mustard can be pretty intense. Still we had a wonderful time together, as always, and we agreed to have another lunch date. Next time we will try the Whole Foods Sandwich Bar - Connie says they even have Field Roast slices there!!! How cool.

Kitchen Sink Cookies from Isa Does It, with little surfers in the background

After we enjoyed our sandwiches, Connie busted out a beautiful tupperware of cookies that she had made just for our lunch outing. See, I told you she was cool. She didn't even know it, but this is one of my favorites -- these Kitchen Sink Cookies from Isa Does It have raisins and peanuts and chocolate chips and they taste kinda like chocolatey trail mix cookies. They're easy and delicious. I think I ate three. We had such a nice time sitting there, chatting and eating cookies and visiting. I'm already looking forward to another lunch outing... even if it's my turn to bring treats next time.

lunch on the go!
(in fact, I have never ever been on a surfboard)


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I enjoy your multi-tasking! I've been dragging my mum and boyfriend out for breakfasts for months just to try to line up my posts (while enjoying the pleasure of their company, of course!). That looks like a great place for lunch, and of course I'm more interested in the cookies than the sandwiches - they look delicious! I'll have to give that recipe a try.

  2. Love the atmospheric background shot. Ah. The good life!

  3. Yum! I always bring my leftovers to work as a lunch, since there aren't very good vegan options in the neighborhood I work in. I don't know how all the leftovers would get eaten otherwise! You should try surfing! I just tried for the first time in Costa Rica! It's super fun!

  4. It's my dream that one day tempeh bacon will be widely available in sandwich shops in England. Looks like a nice lunch and what a great friend bringing home made cookies.

  5. That was a fun day. I think we need more lunches on the go! I'll find more fun treats to make and share. :)

  6. Nice multi-tasking. My friends and family have been up for random MoFo required meals as well. ;)
    Looks like a good lunch, though a shame about the mustard.

  7. Lovely lunch, lovely view =)

  8. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I love Kevita! The coconut mojito is my favorite. I hoard them when I find them on sale -need to figure out how to make my own. Gorgeous view with a good looking sammie and company.

  9. What a beautiful view! :) And a lovely lunch!


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