Monday, September 21, 2015

VeganMoFo Day 21: Survival Foods

Today's MoFo Prompt: "What three endless food supplies would you take if you were going to be stranded on an island? (Imagine that your nutritional needs have been met, these are a bonus!)"

I read this prompt, and within seconds I thought of three things: Bread, Cherries, Chocolate. Then, I started thinking more... would I regret the chocolate? Would it be okay to ask for "minestrone," or is that a whole bunch of foods in one? What about "lasagna"? If I am on a tropical island, is there already going to be tropical fruit, and will the cherries be redundant? But, then, I decided to embrace my initial intuition and go with it! I hope I'm not stranded on my island longing for lasagna (note: I definitely will be).

I love bread

I might have second guessed the cherries and the chocolate, but not the bread. Not even for a moment. Bread is my spiritual soul food. Bad days are made better with a piece of bread, and even great days are made greater still with a piece of bread. Since this whole thing is imaginary, I would particularly issue a request that I be brought a different variety of bread each week: dark rye, pumpernickle, baguettes, raisin walnut, foccaccia, sourdough, whole wheat, etc etc etc. But gee, if I really had to pick and I was already unlucky enough to be stuck on an island, I would embrace the emotional joy of refined white flour and go with sourdough bread. It still reminds me of my grandparents and I love it the most. 

i love fresh fruit
(if I have to narrow it down: cherries)

I love fruit so much. Who made fruit so magical and perfect? There are so many flavors and colors and tastes and textures and there's a fruit for every season and the whole world of fruit is just fantastic. Somehow, though, I felt moved to commit specifically to cherries. If I could get fruit salad, or a different fruit every week, that would be pretty rad... as long as cherries are involved sometimes. Cherries are just so freaking rad. And they're fun to eat. Plus, I could play little weird games with the left over pits, or draw faces on them and pretend they were my friends. 

i love chocolate

I did have some hesitation on this one. Truth be told, I eat chocolate pretty much every day. I really love it. But even a devout chocolate lover like me will admit that a little bit goes a long way, and sometimes if I eat a lot of chocolate, I feel kinda gross afterwards. So, would I regret it? Maybe my delivery person could bring me just a little bit of chocolate so I don't overdo it? I was wondering about this. But, then I ate some chocolate and -- what was I worrying about?! Of course I want chocolate with me on that sad little island. I came to my senses.

I imagine it like this


  1. I didn't write for this prompt, but chocolate and bread were definitely on my mental list! The third was hard. Coffee? Tofu? Salsa?? It's hard to decide.

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I just hoped fruit would be a given on my island -haha- now that I think of it I totally imagined I would be 'stranded' in paradise!

  3. Or you could bring.... Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding, Minestrone, AND Lasagna!

    Lasagna sounds SO good! Wondering now if I should rethink my picks... :-)

  4. I am panicking now because while I will have my avocado and peanut butter, I have no bread! I will be grinding grains and making flat bread, I guess. Or eating it off whatever fruits and vegetables the island will provide. Maybe the island will have bread? How are we getting the nutritional needs met? I need more information! I am probably over thinking it. ;)

  5. This is such a cute post! You really gave it some thought, I like that =)
    Bread is really fantastic isn't it? It's cute that it reminds you of your grandparents.
    I could live without cherries, I'm more of a berry girl myself. But I completely and utterly agree about the chocolate. I had the same thought process as you - maybe I should do without, but ultimately I love it and it tastes good.
    Your drawings are simply adorable =)

  6. I love all the deep thinking that goes into this prompt - it seems to be true with a lot of people! I love your choices, especially the bread. I forgot about the bread!

  7. Yup! Bread is a MUST (probably the only reason I couldn't be fully raw)

  8. Oh no! I can't believe I forgot bread on my island. I'm going to have to visit yours. I'll trade you some potato chips when you need a salty snack fix!


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