Thursday, September 24, 2015

VeganMoFo Day 24: Cooking for my pal Superman

Today's MoFo Prompt: What (insert well know person) would eat if they were vegan

I wasn't sure if I should pick a real person, or a fictional person for this prompt, but then Mr. VE&T suggested Superman, and I just knew he was right.


Did you know that I kinda have a thing for Superman? In particular, I have a thing for Christopher Reeve's Superman. The movie "Superman" came out shortly before my 6th birthday and had a major impact on me. I had a weird thing where I was 50% in love with Superman, and 50% just wanted to be Superman. I used to run around the neighborhood in my Superman underoos. I was most definitely not interested in Wonder Woman underoos. 

my 6th birthday, I got a Superman puzzle.
observe my delight!

I had a lot of Superman paraphenalia, including a Superman washcloth - which I STILL HAVE (and use). There was that one scene where Superman brought Lois Lane to his amazing Fortress of Solitude crystal palace... OH MAN. I was INTO THAT. In fact, I insisted that my mom buy me satin sheets after that, so my bed could be like Superman's bed. Ha ha ha.

y'know... just chilling out, drinking coffee on the couch with Superman

Anyhow, we invited Superman over for dinner. It's been a while since we caught up with him. According to the authority of the Internet, there is some debate about whether or not Superman actually needs to eat... It seems that perhaps is powered by the sun. But we know that after crashing to earth as an infant, he grew up in the Midwest, and undoubtedly that involved a lot of good old fashioned American food.

Homestyle Loaf from Vegan Diner

Mr. VE&T and I decided that if Superman were vegan, he would probably still enjoy the comfort foods that reminded him of the simpler days of his youth on the farm. Before he had to fight with Zod and save people's lives all day and fly backwards around the world so quickly that he reversed time and all that. If you didn't even need to actually eat, I suppose you would just eat for fun or for social niceties, or for emotional comfort. So we decided to make him a good old-timey Vegan Meatloaf with steamed corn and green beans. Hopefully this evoked some happy Midwestern memories for him. Plus, just in case he actually does need to eat, this meatloaf is loaded up with protein for superblasting through the air and fighting evil. Better safe than sorry.

* This recipe is so good. I really recommend it. It's got beefy crumbles, tofu, and walnuts - all for a protein and flavor packed loaf, plus totally perfect seasoning.

After dinner, Superman took Snoopy and me on a super-rad flight around the earth. So fun! 

Ha ha. After I showed that last doodle to Mr. VE&T, he got all jealous.

Look out Zod! Look out Lex Luthor! Yummers is going to get you! 
or maybe Yummers is the villain???


  1. ha, I was a huge fan of Christopher Reeve's Superman as well. I like the new ones but they're not as good.

    I have been eyeing that recipe for ages! I haven't made enough out of Vegan Diner, but everything I have made has been great.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    !! I love all your drawings in this post so much! Now I wish I had posted more of the Superman pictures from the kids cookbook for your Superfan pleasure :)

  3. Love the post, as always. You should tack on the photo of young Mr. VE&T in his Superman T-shirt. Two kindred souls, united at last. By the way, my goal for the week is to master Instagram.. Ha!

  4. Anonymous12:52 PM

    This is so great!!!

    The funny thing is that I thought you might do Dolly Parton, but someone else on your blogroll chose her -- so good thing you picked Superman :)

    jen e.

  5. Yummers!! Such a cute pic. And also an adorable pic of you!! This meatloaf sounds amazing. I'm sure Superman would LOVE it.

  6. I don't blame Mr. VE&T for being jealous. It's clear in the couch pic that you're flirting with the Man of Steel, and then you jetted off around the universe with him!

    Once again, this post is the BEST. I love it too much!!

  7. I loved Christopher Reeve. When I was older and rewatched it all, I thought evil Superman was soooo gorgeous. My sister and I always quote the policeman from Superman II: "you know I can't eat beans! I come out in a rash if I eat beans!" Or if I do something cool at home I quote Ursa to my kids: "did you see that? Did you see what I did? I have powers beyond reason!"

  8. Anonymous9:55 PM

    What a fun idea! I love the photo as well, you do indeed look delighted!

  9. Oh, talk about Throwback Thursday -- What a trip! Re-reading this, I see the reference to the satin sheets. That was such an emphatic request. I was fortunately able to find some cheapo satin sheets at K-Mart, and they were a great hit, fully meeting all expectations.

  10. Scary kitty!

    I'm sure superman became even stonger and powerful with this protein-packed meal.

  11. Great post and I will definitely be making that meat loaf after seeing your pic!

  12. Christopher Reeve's Superman is my favourite Superman. I recently watched one of the newer Superman movies and oh my god I was so bored.
    I think he would be very happy with that comforting feast!
    Yummers is the cutest villain ever. He would rule the world because who could stand up to his cute?


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