Tuesday, September 01, 2015

VeganMoFo Day1: Breakfast time!

WoooHooo! It's MoFo Season again! This is my 9th year straight of participating. That first year that I participated, I missed one day because we stayed in a hotel and their wifi didn't work. I was bummed. Other than that, I have a perfect streak of posting every single MoFo day for all those years. Hopefully I can keep the streak going this year. This month is a busy one, so I actually got a head start a couple of weeks ago with some of my posts. I can't wait to see all your posts and Instagram pics and Facebook updates and all! Please leave a comment and tell me where to find and your MoFo efforts. (I'll be doing bonus posts on Instagram: @ameyfm)

Tofu Cubes (from Oh She Glows Cookbook), Stone fruits, hot coffee, crossword puzzle.

Today's MoFo prompt: "Rise and shine! It's MoFo time! Tell us about your breakfast"

First things first, I am a fan of breakfast. I wake up hungry and I generally start eating within about 15 minutes of getting out of bed. Ha ha. A couple days a week, I work out early with my trainer, and have to wait until I get home again to eat. It is such a hardship.

Here's how the best-case-scenario morning goes:

I wake up, at least 30 minutes earlier than I actually intend to get out of bed... mostly so that I can appreciate the joy of pet cuddles while awake. During this time I like to surf around on my phone, or just cuddle the various sleepy cuties surrounding me on the bed.

driveway time

Once I get up, the first thing I do is go out into the driveway to get the paper. (Yes, I still get the newspaper delivered. I am old-fashioned / actually old). This outing is partly so that I can fetch the paper, and partly so that I can have a fun little driveway time with the pets. It started out that it was just a special time for Yummers and me, but then the dogs caught on that Yummers was getting to go out to the driveway, and now the whole gang comes along. It's really cute. Yummers goes straight to work at eating grass. Dottie goes straight to peeing on the orange tree. Snoopy follows her, mostly to pee whereever Dottie has peed. Sweet little Stevie just comes out to say hi and get some extra morning enthusiasm, and then she goes right back inside and right back to bed until we feed her. It is so damned cute. She is really the best. Footie goes off and disappears to do his own thing, which is mysterious and unknown to us.

Then I take my newspaper, assemble my breakfast, and get to work with my favorite little routine. If there's time, I love to do the crossword puzzle. I started doing the crossword puzzles about a year ago and I'm getting better. Mondays and Tuesdays I can definitely do the NYT puzzle. Wednesdays it's hit or miss, it's often too hard for me. After that, I'm really out of the running. But luckily for me, our local paper also carries an easier crossword puzzle, so when in need I do that one instead. If there's no time, I postpone my crossword joy for lunch, which is something nice to look forward to. 

Rice cakes with Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese, white nectarine, coffee.

I usually get into a bit of a system for breakfast, and eat the same thing for at least for a week or so at a time. Mostly this is so that I can wake up and begin eating as soon as possible, without a terrible wave of breakfast uncertainty washing over me in my fragile morning hours. 

One thing that has been consistent through the summer is a good, summery nectarine. I LOVE nectarines! Especially the white ones. Also coffee. At least half the time, I just make decaf, but I still like to have coffee. I like the taste, and I like how it's super warm and toasty and makes me feel cozy. Also I like how I can savor my coffee long after I've finished eating my breakfast. 

Homemade soy yogurt, white nectarine, muesli

The yogurt and muesli is a good fall back, and it's light and fruity, which I enjoy on a nice sunny morning.

I couldn't wait to take a bite.

 That said, lately I've been a bit more enchanted with savory breakfasts. I find them much more satisfying. Lately I've actually been eating loads of Kittee's pudlas for breakfasts, like day after day after day. I love that I can make a batch of batter and then divvy it up, and cook up a piping hot veggie pancake each morning in about 10 minutes. Even with a savory breakfast though, I gotta have my white nectarine or the world will go out of balance.

Nectarines won't be in season too much longer, so then I'll have to switch to oranges or back to strawberries, or whatever fruits I can find at the farmer's market. 

Here's to a hearty breakfast that keeps us all going strong through the rigorous demands of MoFo! 


  1. This post is adorable! I almost never eat fresh fruit for breakfast (unless it's in a post-workout smoothie), but this made me want a nectarine stat!

    I also agree with you on coffee. I make full caff, but I'd take decaf if necessary. I adore the ritual, the taste and the coziness :)

  2. Yum. Yum. And Yum. I love the fruit and tofu combo as well as the nut cheese and nectarines. Your drawings are so charming; our animal family shares our bed too, and I love soaking up the snuggles...it just makes for a better night's sleep.

    Question: Where can we find the 2015 blogroll and/or feed? VeganMofo.com is still linking to last year's blogroll.

  3. Love your illustrations as always & your breakfasts look so delicious! The morning outing to get the newspaper sounds like quite the event! :)

  4. Love this post!! I'm so stoked to participate in MoFo this year and only dream of being as consistent (and creative!) as you. Definitely keeping an eye on your blog this month :)

  5. I have been loving nectarines for breakfast this summer as well. And I love the illustrations in this post so much -- between the delicious meals and the adorable animals, your mornings sound pretty great.

    Your MoFo streak is so impressive! I'll be blogging and instagramming depending on how much time I have. So far I'm really liking the hashtags as a way to find new blogs. :)

  6. The fragile morning hours... crushed under the uncertainty of what to have for breakfast... the struggle is real. <3
    It is so funny and cute the morning rituals our furry friends train us into. I have become a fan of the snooze button because I like to snooze for that extra 10 minutes and snuggle my girls. Though often Sahara is too focused on getting me out of bed because she wants her breakfast (which is definitely not suitable for vegan blogging) ASAP.

  7. These breakfasts look delicious and filling. I love your illustrations!

  8. Ha ha ha - your bed! My hubby and I think ours is crowded with two of us and two doggies, but there are 7 of you! Gorgeous! If we are taking too long to get up, our two start jumping on us and barking - breakfast is a pretty high priority around here!

  9. What a cute morning routine! Love it! Also loving the look of those nectarines - I can't wait for them to be back in season here.

  10. Anonymous3:01 AM

    What delicious-looking breakfasts! Like you, I have to eat as soon as I wake up, hence I am the chief breakfast-maker in my house.

  11. Hahaha I love your drawings! I have two cats and a parttime dog myself, so I feel you! They wake me up every morning but cuddling with them is just the nicest way to start the day!
    I also created a meal for the MoFo. Can't wait to see your upcoming entries!

  12. That sounds like a fabulous breakfast routine to me - pet cuddles would be enough to convince me to stay in bed as long as humanly possible!

  13. All that fruit looks soon good- and I love your pictures!!!

  14. Late reading here, but I had to say that I love your morning pet routine! Jake doesn't care much about our morning activities, but he always sits next to me on the bed when I dry my hair. No idea why!


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