Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Special Delivery!

What's this? A box of pastries from Sweetpea Bakery in Portland... wooo hooo!

My cousin came down for a visit from Portland (where she lives). I really (truly!) love my cousin, so I was super excited to hear that she was planning a trip. Then, I realized that I might be able to use this special visit as a way to get some goodies brought down my way and got even more excited! ha ha

The thing is, we just really don't have any special vegan pastries here in Santa Cruz. Honestly, that's probably okay, but sometimes I want a special treat!

No one really wants to have to make an extra stop on the day they leave for a trip... so I orchestrated a Complicated Pastry Obtaining Plan for my friend to pick up my order and bring it to my cousin and then my cousin could bring it to me. Actually, they know each other and like each other -- so in the end my sweet friend even gave my sweet cousin a ride to the airport! It made me so happy to think of them spending time together.

I gotta say, the gal from Sweetpea who helped me over the phone was so friendly and kind and patient and sweet. 
Great customer service! 

Early in the morning on the day of departure, I called the bakery and placed my order.
I ordered an Almond Ring (my favorite), a blueberry muffin (tragically and majestically enjoyed in the car before I could even get home and take a picture), 2 apple danishes, a Mocha muffin, and a blueberry strudel bar. The mocha muffin and Danish #2 went to one of my besties here in town, who is also a lover of vegan pastries! We always try to hook each other up, if it works out.

Then! Just one week later, I also scored some vegan Morning Buns. Oh MAN these were so good! A local chicken sanctuary sponsored a fundraiser selling vegan pastries. What fun! There were a bunch of things to pick from, and you had to place your order ahead of time, and pick-up was on Valentine's Day, or ValHENtine's Day, as they were calling it. Such a neat idea. I ordered a half-dozen morning buns, which was the minimum amount.

in sarvangasana, thinking of morning buns 

On the pick up day, I was busy hosting and attending a yoga workshop with my teacher at my yoga studio, so I sent my darling parents to get them for me. See how I recruit my loved ones to procure treats for me!? Mwahahaha

I didn't need 6 morning buns, so I shared two Valentines treats with my mom and dad, and two with my aforementioned special pal, and kept two for myself. Mmm! They were absolutely incredible! Maybe next time I will have to keep all six??


  1. Pastries in Space! Hahaha love it! :) They sound so yummy!

  2. LUCKY!! Both times I've been to Portland (for VVC 1 & 2), I've been too full for Sweet Pea treats. There's just so much deliciousness to eat in Portland and too little time.

  3. Nice plan! I have recently started to recruit my cousin to get me goodies from Athens when he comes to visit. What can I say, he offered! So of course I said yes! He 's such a nice guy :) I want a blueberry muffin right now... :D

  4. I love Sweet Pea! Though I suspect organising a treat delivery from there to my place might be a little ambitions. ;)

    I wish I could have seen you majestically eat that muffin!

  5. I LOVE your complicated pastry ordering plans! Such genius!

  6. Those pastries look so good! I would totally have orchestrated plans like yours to get some danishes down my belly!

  7. OMG! At first I thought your cousin or Sandy ate the blueberry muffin in the car! I was like OHHHH NOOOOO.


  8. I love the step-by-step drawing of your pastry procurement. Adorable! I especially love your little muscle flexing after a hard day of work. :) Yay to vegan treats for Vegan Eats & Treats!

  9. Wow, those pastries have had an adventure! Hehe


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