Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sirabella Vegan Cheesecake Rules This World!

I finally discovered cheesecake right before I went vegan. When I was a kid, I thought cheesecake just sounded super gross - I mean "cheese" and "cake" don't really go together, right? But then at some point, my mom had a friend who was really good at making cheesecakes, and I finally developed a taste for a proper cheesecake. And then I went vegan. Ha ha. No more cheesecake for me! Or, so I thought. 
O cheesecake, cheesecake, where art thou? 

Several months ago, I received a very special email from Sirabella's Vegan Cheesecakes, offering to send me a cheesecake to sample. I went and checked out their website, and was very stoked to see how amazing their cheesecakes looked. I wrote back with great enthusiasm and checked my mailbox compulsively for sometime. When the cheesecake didn't come, I thought maybe it had all been a cruel joke. And then! A second email arrived: "We're ready to send you your cheesecake!" YES. I was ready to receive that cheesecake! 

Holy Cheesecake, Batman! Look at that!!
Sirabella's vegan cheesecake, served with delicious fruits

This big, full-sized, beautiful, perfect-looking New York Style Vegan Cheesecake arrived... and suddenly I was responsible for a whole cheesecake! The cheesecake should be stored in the freezer until you're ready to eat it, so I popped it in the freezer and waited for a perfect opportunity. And waited. Finally, I got tired of waiting and decided to grab the bull (lovingly) by the horns. Barring any obvious festivity worthy of my sacred vegan cheesecake, I decided to create one. I invited all my local vegan pals over for a Monday night after-dinner Cheesecake and Coffee/Tea Party - whoever could make it would be a part of the taste-testing. It was so fun!
Houston, we have a cheesecake! 

my slice of Sirabella's miraculous vegan cheesecake

Among our cheesecake-sampling crowd, we had 3 vegans, 1 vegetarian, and 2 cheesecake-loving omnis. What was the verdict? 100% thumbs up!! I must say, I totally loved this cheesecake. Over my 16+ years of veganism, I've tried a few cheesecakes, but -- to be honest -- I've never really enjoyed any of them enough to go back for a second slice, until now.  This cheesecake was so delicious: tart and creamy and rich and pretty much everything I want from a cheesecake. As far as I'm concerned this cheesecake blows every other vegan cheesecake out of the water.

reviewing my vegan cheesecake report card

We had a party game and read the ingredients, and I must disclose that this is most definitely not health food in any way. This delicious, magical vegan creation is also highly processed. Unfortunately it does have some palm oil in the ingredients, which I generally avoid. The only other slight criticism I would give this cheesecake is that the texture was a little soft. That said - I did accidentally defrost the cheesecake one or two hours longer than indicated, and that was probably the issue. However, this did not prevent anyone from eagerly finishing their slice or going back for more. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend this amazing cheesecake!

Sirabella's is run by two fellas, one of whom is vegan and one of whom is lactose-intolerant, which is pretty cool. The cheesecakes can be ordered online, and if you buy two, the second one is 30% off. They last up to a year in the freezer, so that's something to consider! In addition to the New York Style Cheesecake flavor that I received to sample, they also have blueberry, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate flavored cheesecakes (the flavored cheesecakes come with a sauce to pour on top). Each cheesecake serves 12 people with rich, generous, satisfying slices. I can totally imagine myself ordering one of these, especially for a special occasion.

It was such a wonderful treat to finally find a vegan cheesecake - after so many years - that had all the flavor, texture, and richness that I remember about dairy-based cheesecakes. I am a true Sirabella's fan! Now I can be vegan AND enjoy cheesecake! Have my ethics and eat cake too! 


  1. The best dessert I have ever had in my life (and I am a vegetarian) was a blueberry lavender vegan cheesecake. Unfortunately I only ever had it once, and then the next time I went to Austin TX, the restaurant had closed :(

  2. YES!!! This sounds amazing. What a great review score! I think the unhealthy, processed-ness of it would be a plus for me! Cheesecake shouldn't be healthy!!

  3. I love it when you share you internal enthusiasm for food. This sounds yummy!

  4. I think my taste buds have been a-changeing recently because I've gone from being a die hard cheesecake hater to someone who is cautiously into the idea! I would love to try this (chocolate please) especially as they haven't tried to health food it up, desserts like this really shouldn't be healthy!

  5. Oh wow - that must have been super exciting to have them contact you offering cheesecake! I have a similar cheesecake experience - I also thought it sounded gross and wasn't keen on trying it. Then my husband's grandma made some and I didn't want to hurt her feelings and she made AMAZING cheesecake. And then I went vegan too haha. So I will have to try this cheesecake out!


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