Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jambu Sparrow Vegan Shoes: Product Review

in grey / stone blue

Recently the folks at Jambu Shoes sent me a pair of their new vegan Sparrow shoes to try out and to review. I am a long time fan of Jambu shoes and I've reviewed other shoes from them in the past (here, and here.) Over the years I have had and loved many, many pairs of Jambus!

As soon as I opened the box, I was happy to see a little tag on the shoes saying that they were vegan. Don't you just love that? Jambu (and their sister brands JBU and JSport) make a lot of styles that are not vegan, but they also all make several styles of vegan shoes for women, everything from winter boots to sandals and sporty shoes. And the vegan styles are clearly labeled, and advertised as such! That makes my vegan heart so happy!

view from above of my cute shoes, and of Snoopy's cute toes

The Sparrow shoes come in 4 different colors and I selected the grey / stone blue. These shoes are "Water Ready" -- so you can wear them in the water and they're made of materials that dry out quickly. The only water sports we've had around here lately is dashing through pouring rain and jumping over puddles (not that I'm complaining!) So, I haven't had a chance to do any summery water hikes or beach days in my shoes, but even in lieu of that, I still appreciate the fabric and the super-breathable feeling of these shoes.

Since I teach yoga and practice yoga so often, I'm always taking my shoes off and putting them back on, and then off again, and then on again. I feel like I usually just end up wearing flip flops because it's so easy to kick 'em on and off. These new Jambu shoes are a great new option for me and I have been wearing them non-stop. It's easy to pull them on and off, and I really like how light they are. My feel feel so light and sporty when I have them on! It's like walking on little clouds!

As you can see, Snoopy was very excited about our shoe time photo shoot.
Footie was less interested in shoes, and more interested in sun bathing.

I think the Sparrows run a bit on the big side. I usually wear a 9 or a 9.5 and I selected a 9 in these. The laces are actually just decorative, so you can't make them any more snug. It took me a little getting used to at first, but now I am into it. They fit me a little more loosely if I wear them with no socks and more snuggly if I wear them with socks. Happily, I find them quite comfortable both ways! When it's wintry and cold out, I like to wear them with socks - and if I'm just dashing out for a few errands or if it's sunny and warm out, I like to wear them au naturale.

Sometimes when I wear shoes with no socks, they get all stinky and yucky... but since these shoes are designed specifically to be breathable and aerated, my feet feel super comfortable without socks - even after a long dog walk. The information that came with the shoes says that the footbed is even antibacterial! Hopefully this means that only Snoopy will be sniffing at my shoes! They also have a nice grippy sole, which I always appreciate.

When I am gone from the house for several hours, Dottie Bonkers likes to loving transport my shoes and bring them all to my bed and leave them on my bed. She used to chew them up, which was a bummer, but now she just likes to move them around. It is so cute. Of course my new Jambus have already found their way to the bed a few times! 

In addition to sending me a pair shoes to wear and review, 
the folks at Jambu also gave me a coupon code to share with any of my readers : VEGANEATS10 
This code will get you 10% off any of their full-price shoes until March 14th, from their website.
Let me know if you get some and we are shoe twinsies! 


  1. Snoopy is the best shoe model companion!!! And love the shoes. Super cute!

  2. What? Another pair of Jambu shoes? Tell them to send me a pair. :D I love Jambu and J-41, and have lots of pairs. I agree with you they are super comfy and perfect for all-day wear. Enjoyed your review, and the mental (and visual) image of Dottie hauling shoes to your bed!

  3. Those shoes are super cute! I love sneakers and strongly dislike sandals, but my feet get really hot in the summer so these look perfect to me! I'll have to check them out for sure!

  4. So cute! I just bought them in black. Thanks for the code!!

  5. Oh I was just needing a new pair of shoes and I was getting all stressed about having to do research and find vegan shoes. This came just at the perfect moment. They are so cute! I'm not used to functional shoes being cute. I like comfort over cuteness for the most part, but these look like they hit up a bit of both. Perfect =)
    Your pup is SO CUTE


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