Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wunderbar: Small-Batch Artisinal Bars: a Review!

such sweet packaging! 

Wunderbar is here to save the day!!

This blog post is long overdue! Quite a while ago, I received this awesome box full of super-special bars from Wunderbar by Jen to review... and I've been wracked with guilt that I haven't written this post sooner! Especially because I really loved them. First of all, isn't that box cute?

the cheat sheet, like in a box of chocolates!

All the bars come wrapped in a little baggies, and the box comes with a sheet telling you which bars are in your box. I loved this part! It reminded me of when you have a box of fancy chocolates and you have to look at the little card to figure out which chocolate to eat next.

Wunderbars by Jen are all made from scratch and they are almost all vegan. There is one flavor with honey in it. I recall that there were a couple with yogurt, and it looks like she has made those flavors vegan since the time I received my samples -- that's awesome! I really like bars - I usually have a small selection in my cupboards for times when I need a quick snack. These Wunderbars are in the Larabar camp - in that they are moist, chewy, and filled with natural ingredients. On the other hand, these Wunderbars have such creative and awesome flavors -- they really are unique!

bars bars bars!

You'll see that some of my bars look small... Uh... That's because I couldn't wait and I took a knife and cut little bits off some of them to nibble on them. Hee hee. Look at these super fun flavors! Here are my thoughts on each flavor:

Spicy Banana -- Wow, I really loved this flavor. It was one of my very favorites. At first you get a perfect hit of the banana... and then there is a super sneaky heat at the finish. It's such a great and unexpected combo. This bar had a nice soft texture.

a super banana and a hot chile pepper falling in love while they fly through the air... obviously!

Beetlicious Ginger -- Isn't this a cool thing, to have beets in a bar? This bar has a firm and dense texture. The first thing you get is the wonderful aroma of the fresh ginger, and then you pick up on the earthy beets.

Fig n Chia -- Love!! So much great figgy flavor!! Figs are one of my foods and if you are a fig fan, you will love this flavor.

Apricot Almond Tart -- This bar has a great classic flavor combo, but also has excellent flavor and an unexpected richness. When I read the flavor name, I had an idea of what it would be like, but it was much more than I imagined. Such nice flavor, and such skillful spices in it.

Apple Walnut Pie -- Distinct and lovely. This bar is full of bits of dried apple. When these bars say something like "apple walnut" -- you can bet that they don't mess around. You will get a lot of apples and walnuts and it will be great! This bar also has a nice hit of cinnamon.

Peanut Butter and Jelly -- Ooooh, this bar is really a serious PB&J bar! It delivers a strong Peanut Butter presence with sweet, fruity flecks throughout for a perfect balance. I think it was strawberry flecks that I picked up on. This bar was excellent!

Mochalatta -- So full of coffee blast! This bar has a background sweetness that provides balance, but doesn't dominate and really allows the coffee flavor to through. If you like coffee, like I do, you'll love this -- it's got real ground up coffee beans in it!

Dirty Snowman -- Such a fun name. This fun bar has an appealing chewy texture, especially from the ample coconut in it. It's a great combo of coconut and some other nutty flavor -- peanut? almond? I wasn't sure, but I certainly loved it.

Carrot Cake -- Great spices in this bar, it was another one of my very favorites. This bar was soft and tender, and so super carrot-y that you could actually see the carrots in it!! I love the idea of a bar made with actual veggies. So good! It also has a great addition of walnuts, which I loved.

Peanut Butter Brownie -- This firm, dense bar has a generous swath of PB spread on top. The chocolate presence isn't super strong, but certainly isn't invisible. It's got great chew to it.

Gooey Granola -- I was surprised with this bar and how interesting it was. The flavors and textures of the various seeds and nuts really produced something special and the base is sweet and chewy.

Wunderbar will fly you around on a tasty adventure! 

In the vast world of "power bars," these bars are obviously quite unique in every way: made from scratch in small batches, super unique flavors, very wholesome whole ingredients, and you can even subscribe for regular shipments of your favorite flavors. In fact, these bars are so super fresh that Jen recommends storing them in the fridge and eating them within 7 days (or you can freeze them which is what I did). But they won't last too long because they are so good! Plus you can support an awesome small, woman-owned business.


  1. Oooh these look wonderful! I'm too lazy to make my own bars but these look fancy and fun. I think I'd dig the PB&J and the PB Brownie the most but Apple Walnut Pie also sounds amazing.

  2. Thank you so much for the review Amy! So glad you liked these bars:) We just sold a lot of these delicious bars at Whole Foods Market in New Jersey this holiday weekend. Can't wait to show your review to my friends and customers! - Jen (from WunderBar)


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