Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jambu Jackie Vegan Shoes for Women

It's time for another Jambu footwear review! I've recently signed on as a Jambu brand ambassador - because I am such a fan of their sporty, comfortable, stylish vegan shoes for women.

 like a stylish stretchy super sock hugging your foot!

These are my new Jackie shoes... and I LOVE THEM. I swear, I can't stop wearing them... they have replaced my beloved flip flops! They're effortless to slip in and out of, but once they're on, they have a comfortably snug / secure fit. Can you see how cool they are? They feel like a super neat stretchy knit sock with a tennis shoe structure around it. So comfy and unique!

dusty, sweaty legs in the hot sun and feet in super comfy shoes! 

Aesthetically, I really like the pretty pattern on the knot part of the Jackie shoe and the overall look of the shoe - sporty but not garish. Functionally, I like that there is a drawstring and I can make them feel a bit more snug and secure. I also like that they are quite breathable, and are comfortably worn with socks or without socks. Even on a warm day, they don't feel stuffy and my feet don't feel overheated.

this is actually how I took these pictures,
standing on a little stone wall on the edge of a cliff! 
all that yoga's gotta be good for something! ha ha

In fact, I wore these shoes for our special anniversary outing recently! It was our five year anniversary and so we decided to do something special - we rented electric bikes to ride along the coast of Big Sur. This is such a stunning area, and the road is usually a bustling highway. However, the heavy rains last winter caused a huge landslide to the South and destroyed a major bridge to the north -- leaving a very serene stretch of road which in between. The hills are big and the landscape is rugged, so electric bikes were awesome!

in love with my new shoe buddies

The only downside - our anniversary turned out to be the hottest day over the year. It was 107 F!! Perfect for a totally-exposed bike ride in the middle of the day! My poor Mr. VE&T actually got heatstroke!  What an adventure. Nonetheless we had a totally great time, because it was just so special to see that wonderful place in a new way. And my shoes were perfect for a casually active day - a little hiking, biking, then poking around on our way back home. As you can see, I took lots of pictures of my new shoes with all the beauty of Big Sur in the background!

off to teach the yogaz!!

I also really like that these shoes look cute with pants, shorts, or yoga tights... makes them so versatile! I think these shoes are great for everyday activity, walking around, feeling snazzy and sporty, fun bike rides, and casual wear. They've become my new favorite for slipping on and dashing out the door to go teach or get to the farmers market.

my new shoes make me feel super sporty and festive! 

I selected steel gray, but Jackie shoes also come in navy and in black. I find these shoes to be perfectly true to size and comfortable for my somewhat wide feet. The stretchy knit means they have quite bit of leeway for narrow or wider feet.

If you'd like to get some Jackie shoes with me, or try any of Jambu's other vegan shoes for women, use the coupon code VEGAN17 for a 20% discount! Woot!


  1. Pretty cool, Amey! Thanks for sharing the coupon code. I'm getting sandals next summer, I was too late this season to get the ones I wanted.


  2. Love the shoes! Love your anniversary adventure!

  3. I have to admit at first I was jealous of your extremely cool opportunity. I'd rather have new shoes than a new food to review any day! But, I can see you were the perfect choice for the Jambu job — no one could have done a better job, not even Jambu, of showing the Jackie shoes to their best advantage! Great review, and I'm heading over to the Jambu Web page for a closer look. :) Jambu seems to be my favorite brand, according to my closet.

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I just ordered the Sport Walker - thanks for the coupon! Always good to know where to look for vegan shoes.


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