Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Jambu Wingate Vegan Boot: Product Review

For most of my life, I was a devoted fan of Summer and only Summer. I pretty much had no appetite for any of those other rotten seasons. Gradually, I made my peace with Spring, because (obviously) Springtime is beautiful and full of life and magic. But it took a lot longer for me to come around to Autumn and Winter... As you may know, we had a long intense drought that went on for about 5 years here in California. During that time, I bought a business, my dad had some major health problems, and the whole thing got to be pretty exhausting. I kept thinking "I just really want a cold and rainy day to bundle up and feel cozy and sit around the house and rest." And it never came! (well, eventually it did, but it took 5 years!). 

That whole experience really changed something in me. Now I look forward to Autumn: shorter days and longer nights, scarves and warm caps, cozy afternoons, and socks and cozy shoes! 
Cozy Cozy Cozy!!

JSport Wingate Boot

Speaking of coziness!!! I received these boots from Jambu to review -- these are the Wingate Boots, by Jambu's sister brand JSport. They are super-cute, super-comfy, AND super-cozy! Currently, my only problem is that it's not cooling off here at all and I am impatient to wear these boots every day. In honor of taking pictures for this blog post, I got all bundled up and pretended it was cold out, but actually it was about 80 F. ha ha ha! Fake news! 

I'm ready to get cozy!

cute boots and cute Stevie Wonder

I really love these boots! First of all, they are very comfortable to wear: they basically feel like sneakers once they're on your feet. They're flexible on your feet, and they also have a very smooshy memory foam insole, which feels lovely. The soles have good traction and grip. The shoes come on and off with a really easy zipper on the inside of ankle, but the laces are also functional, so you can make the shoes as snug as you want. You can also adjust the tightness of the buckle around the faux fur on the top of the boot. (see the detail picture below)

I have pretty big calves and haven't really ever found a calf boot that works for me. These are great because they just come up to the mid-calf and don't get in the way of my "fancy" calves (ha ha).

  a few detail shots from the Wingate Boots

1. The top of the boot is lined with a super fuzzy faux fur, but the rest of the boot is lined with an equally-compelling, but more low-profile faux fur. I love the little tag that proudly proclaims "FAUX FUR."

2. The strap that goes around the top of the boot is adjustable if you want to make them more or less snug. As are the laces. In the boot in the back, you can see the zipper that allows the boots to come one and off easily.

3. Just to see some of the materials involved: quilted exterior fabric, rubberized around the bottom of the shoe and especially at the toe area.

4. Good rubberized soles. Not super deep tread on these, but it feels like a good grip.

the doggies love doing high-fives!

As you can see, these boots are comfy for leaning over, squatting and goofing around with my dogs. They aren't stiff and they don't limit my range of motion

Sizing: I usually wear a size 9, but always trending up to a 9.5. As you see above, these boots are lined with cozy faux fur, and I knew I'd want to wear them with socks, so I ordered mine in 9.5. This was definitely the right choice for me. Jambu calls them "weather-ready," which means they are designed for wear in wintry conditions like rain, sleet & snow. If these Wingate Boots aren't quite your jam, Jambu has several super cute vegan shoes for women, including quite a few other good Autumn - Winter shoes and boots. 

After all this talk about coziness, I must confess that I live in California... so my idea of "autumn" and "winter" is certainly different than it is for my friends in New York or Estonia! I'm not sure I'd be so enthusiastic about that! Even though it's still tomatoes and sunshine around here, I have a trip to New York City coming up next month - to visit one of my favorite besties who recently moved there. It had better be autumny for that trip, because then I can wear these super cozies the whole time! Fingers crossed! And for now, I'll carry on enjoying our balmy autumn... I'm sure rain and darkness will be here soon enough.

Coupon Code for You! 
As you know, I recently became a brand ambassador for Jambu, and as such, I received these boots for free to review. I'll have one more style to review in a few more weeks. 

You can use the coupon code VEGAN17 for 20% off 


  1. I like these boots a lot! I live in Massachusetts and it is so hard to find winter boots that are warm and comfortable. So glad Jambu has some options - their shoes are so comfy!

  2. Love these boots!

  3. I lived in boots during winters on the East Coast, and in the Midwest — there really was no choice. I've got several pair of wonderful boots here in the PNW that I almost never wear because the weather just doesn't seem that bad, compared to what I was used to. Still, the memory of tough winters is ingrained, and I always want more boots. Sigh.

  4. This is perfect! I've been looking for vegan boots especially after all the rain in California last season. Gotta be prepared. :-)

  5. I have an older pair of similar J Sports boots that I LOVE! Thanks for the code...I might have to get a new pair. ;)

  6. i hear NYC is a great place to visit a vegan buddy who loves you ;-)

  7. Love your photos! Haha! Just wondering, are these boots lightweight? I'm petite and I wouldn't want to be dragging my feet when I wear them. Thanks!


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