Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Jambu Spirit: A Shoe Review!

Livin' the Good Life with my Jambu Spirit Vegan Shoes

This summer I had two main goals: redesign my yoga website, and buy some comfy patio furniture for our backyard. Can you guess which of these lofty goals I actually accomplished? ha ha. Yes, you're looking at our new patio furniture! In all my life, I've never had comfy patio furniture with pillows, and it always seemed so luxe. For years I've just been lying out on the stone when I want to enjoy the back yard (full disclosure: I still like lying on the stones). But this summer, every time I have a little chunk of downtime, you can find me lounging on my new cooshy patio furniture. Reading, resting, catching up on emails, eating lunch... or having "backyard kibble time." Kibble time" is when we give Footie extra kitty kibbles, and we usually give the dogs some too, as you can see from their expectant posture! 

Now it's almost fall, and luckily we also got a cute little fire pit so that we will be able to enjoy the backyard even when the weather cools down a bit. 

This fall I also have four super-cute styles of vegan shoes from Jambu to review, from their new line up of autumn styles. The first pair I'm reviewing are these sporty Spirit Vegan Slip-ons. As you may recall, I am a brand ambassador for Jambu, particularly for their vegan line of shoes. Jambu (and its two sub-brands JSport and JBU) make lots of cute vegan shoes for women in an array of styles. I really appreciate being able to find a selection sporty, classy, casual, and fancy vegan shoes! 

Be mindful that not all Jambu styles are vegan however, so make sure you are checking out the vegan section of their website.

The Spirit Vegan slip-ons are a mid-weight shoe: they aren't heavy, but they do feel warm and substantial. The material is a combination of a really nice faux leather and a stretchy neoprene. They are slip-ons, but you can see that there is also a little velcro tab on the outer ankle that you can undo to make it a bit easier to slip on or off. The neoprene makes these shoes warm to wear... so I think they would be too hot on a hot summer day (but you should be wearing sandals in the summer anyway! or be skipping around barefoot!), but they'll be great for the coming chill of autumn... and even for mild days in the winter if it's not rainy (they aren't waterproof). 

The laces aren't adjustable, so the shoe relies on the overall fit to be comfortably snug. I found these true to size. I don't have exceptionally wide or narrow feet, and I feel like these fit me well, especially with a light sock. 

I really tried to get Footie to come up with me! 

The soles of the Spirit Vegans have great tread and traction - it's even made partly with recycled materials. I had no problem climbing up our tree with my shoes on (I was actually getting ready to prune some shoots off of our magnolia tree). Footie was so curious about my antics, but I just couldn't quite compel him to join me up there! 

These shoes have moderate arch support, and they also have Jambu's super-comfy memory foam insoles. They practically feel like little slippers on my feet! It's so fun to scamper around and do errands and walk the dogs and do my chores, and have my feet feel so cozy and cooshy the whole time. 

At the park where we usually walk our dogs

The Spirit Vegan shoes come in six different colors and they're all super cute and quite different. I had a hard time picking which color to review. The colors are: black with blue laces, blue on blue (so hard for me to resist!), a nice wine/maroon color, white with pale green laces, a "hiker brown" with red laces, and these grey with pink laces. I'm trying to be a grown-up and not get blue shoes in every single style that I review for Jambu (ha ha), and I'm glad I broadened my horizons. I really love these and I have found them quite versatile for my wardrobe. They also look cute with my yoga tights or my jeans, which is great since I spent the vast majority of my life in yoga tights! Since we always take our shoes off for yoga, I love having shoes that I can easily slip in and out of several times a day.  I look forward to wearing these shoes a lot this fall! 

If you'd like to try these Spirit Vegan Slip-ons (or any other vegan shoes from Jambu), they have generously given me a code to share with you for 20% off any shoes purchased from (good until December 31st):

Let me know if you have any questions about these shoes, and I'll do my best to answer them. 
And I have three more reviews coming your way soon, of really different styles!

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