Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Vegan Shoe Review: JBU Wildflower Sandals

at the park with our beloved Ms. Stevie Wonder

It's time for my final Jambu vegan shoe review of the season! Today's review is for these fun and fantastic Wildflower Sandals from JBU (a sub-brand of Jambu Shoes). 

Honestly, even though it's almost June, we haven't been having a lot of sandal weather in these parts... rain, rain, rain! - but I've found a few sunny days to break out these cute sandals, and there's plenty of sunshine in the forecast and I am READY! 

Wildflower Sandals with Wildflowers

These sandals are secured with that cute little floral ankle strap - they're easy to slip in and out of. You can't really tell from these pictures, but if you look at the pic of Stevie and me at the park, you'll also see that the soles have a little height to them. They aren't quite platform sandals, but they do give a little height boost... maybe an inch or so.

The Wildflower Sandals come in several colors. After an internal debate about dark grey vs. red, I went for dark grey. But the red ones are super cute. They also come in light grey/beige and blue. I wanted a neutral color so I could wear them with a wider selection of summer dresses, pants, and yoga tights.

 Watching the Ground Squirrels!

Mr. VE&T took this sneaky picture of me watching the ground squirrels at the park. When it rains a lot, the ground squirrels are closer to the surface, and on this day, there were tons of them running all over and chirping at our dogs. So cute.

The first time I wore these sandals, I popped 'em straight out of the box and on to my feet and went for a long dog walk. I suppose that could have been a bad idea - but it wasn't! They didn't require any breaking in at all... comfortable and easy to wear right out of the gate. I've been gardening in them (spring time WEEDING galore!), running errands, and wearing them to teach, and haven't had any issues with discomfort or blisters.

Sandals in the Sky! 

If you also want to spend your Spring and Summer bopping around with flowers on your feet - you're in luck! You can use the coupon code VEGANEATS19 to get 20% off any purchase at Jambu.com
Coupon code is good through June 30th

Remember, Jambu makes lots of cute vegan shoes for women, but they also make shoes that aren't vegan - so make sure you're shopping in the vegan shoes section! 


  1. Those shoes are super cute. I need to put this on my list!

  2. Love these sandals, so cute and stylish. Added to my Zappos list! :-)


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