Traveling Fool

I really love traveling around the world, and being vegan hasn't stopped me yet! Being a vegan traveler does mean that there are some local specialties I don't get to experience... On the other hand, I've found that in most parts of the world, most people eat a lot of vegetables. In case your feet are itching for adventure, I've compiled a list of links reporting from some of my travels:

Snackin' Around Town in Naples & Sicily
Italy! Pizza! Pasta! Gelato! Ciao!

Foodie Fun From India
Plane Snacks, Indian-Style!
Mumbai Makes My Belly Super Happy!
From Airport Food to Indian Street Markets
Classic Components of Eating Out in India
My Favorite Spinach Dal of All Time
Some Indian Beverages I Enjoy
India: What I'll Miss, What I Won't Miss (Food Edition)
Fresh Coconuts & Thali Lunches
Some Foodie Pics From India
Reflections on Eating In India
Exciting new foods!
Eating Yumminess in Pune
More Food from Pune & the Karla & Bhaja Caves
Food Pics at last!

Rating Air China
Vegan In China: Lowlights and Highlights!

Croatia & Bosnia i Herzegovina
Vegan Eats in Dubrovnik
Hoorah! A Vegan Travel Victory!
Food pics from coastal Croatia
Vegan Travel... Wrap-Up, Thoughts, and some meals
Thoughts on being vegan abroad...

Vegan in Spain: Barcelona & Madrid
Vegan in Spain: Seville & Granada

Vegan In Lisbon

Vegan in Morocco: Fez & Meknes
Vegan in Morocco: Chefchaouen
Eating Vegan in Morocco: Rabat

United States
Amey in Portland: Friends, Food, Family, and Dogs
Vegan Eating in Yosemite
Weekend in Fort Bragg & Mendocino
My Fabulous Foodie & Yoga Trip to San Diego!
What I Brought Home From New Orleans
Vegan in North Carolina: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Airplane Food!
Eatin' Vegan on the Plane
Vegan Survival on the Way to Croatia
Rating Air China