Meet The Gang

That's me! I love being vegan, eating vegan food, and cooking vegan food. Also, I love yoga and learning about yoga and doing yoga and teaching yoga. Also I love meeting nice people, traveling around the world, and being with my boyfriend. Also I love my pets and other people's pets and farm animals and wild animals. Also, I love art and making art and learning about art. Also, I love speaking Italian and learning things in general. I love a lot of things, apparently.

Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats
Mr. VE&T builds guitars, plays tennis, watches tennis on TV, is a smarty pants, and is an enthusiastic appreciator of food. However, he does not like sweet potatoes OR kale. Trust me when I tell you that he is otherwise a very good person.

Yummers Potatoes
Yummers loves his veggies... especially broccoli, asparagus, green beans, and corn. Those are his really favorites, but he also likes pretty much any green veggie, and mangoes too. Oh, and also, Yummers likes to swat potato chips out your hand as you attempt to put them in your mouth.

Francisco Foot-Foot
Footie is our most recent addition. He lived next door to us for a couple of years and we fell in love with him before he was even a part of our family. He's just full of cute tricks... covering his eyes when you turn the lights on, stretching his back legs straight out behind him, and super flirty skillz. He and Mr. VE&T have a special thing going on. I think they are soul mates. He is funny and cuddly and sweet and he even has thumbs! He's a polydactyl cat!

Stevie Wonder
We named her after Stevie Wonder because we love him so much. His music is all love and light, but our little Stevie Wonder can be a bit of a grouch. When you go to give her a good night kiss on the head, she will quietly growl at you. Her favorite place to hang out is behind the sofa. We are pretty sure that we should have named her "Weirdo" instead. Nonetheless, we love her to bits. She loves snugs, and treats, and disappearing into the woods on her walks. She is the head of the doggie pack.
Dottie Bonkers
aka "Naughty Dottie"
Dottie is very smart and very beautiful. She is shy if you try to pet her, but then if you go to pet someone else, she will bark her special eardrum-shattering bark to make you stop. She is very naughty and likes to do things like eat someone's birthday cake off the counter or take an entire bag of fair trade chocolate chips and eat it and make us worry that she will die. Also, she knows lots of tricks including crawl-on-your-belly, roll over, and high fives. She is not the head of the doggie pack, but she would like to be.
Snoopy Snoppy
Mr. VE&T says we should have named him "Cupid," because he's cute and stupid... which is true. Snoopy is my little computer buddy, he sits on my lap while I type up my blog posts! Stevie and Dottie were very good girls until we got Snoopy. Snoopy showed them how to jump on the table and eat all the food when we weren't looking. Luckily, he is very, very cute... so we have forgiven him. Snoopy's brain has 3 zones: sleep zone, seek-out-warmth zone, and fooooooood zone!