Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yummers the Cat Eats His Corn

Well, a while back, I made a cute little video of our cat Yummers ravenously enjoying some broccoli. It was quite a hit! Yummers really does love broccoli. In truth, he loves most veggies, especially green veggies. But his top 3 human foods are definitely broccoli, asparagus, and corn. Green beans are a close 4th place.

Soon after we got Yummers, many moons ago, I brought home a piece of farm-fresh corn from a farm here in town. I shucked the husks, tossed it in a pot to boil, and went about my business. Soon enough, without any explanation, little Mr. Yummers was in the kitchen yelling and screaming and meowing himself into a frenzy with excitement. It wasn't until I got my corn out and sat down to eat it that I realized what the fuss was all about. All these years later, our special kitty is still - inexplicably - as crazy about corn as he ever was. And here's the video to prove it!


  1. <3Yummers<3 This is so cute! I love that you call Snoopy "Dumb Dumb" :)

  2. Chantal2:37 PM

    I loved that video! Always nice to put a voice to a face!

  3. I love your cat! My cat goes wild for crispy kale, but nothing like your Yummers with corn or broccoli.

  4. Ha, Yummers is the best! Strummer LOVES corn as well. She will stare at you and water her eyes until you give her some!


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