Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stevie Wonder & The Cupcakes

Last weekend we had a family potluck dinner for my Mom's birthday, plus my brother's girlfriend's birthday, AND her son's birthday!! Birthday mania! ... I had just finished leading a yoga retreat, so I knew I wanted something quick and easy. Pesto to the rescue! Luckily I have a metric ton of fresh-frozen pesto in my freezer, so this was a quick meal to bust out.

Salad and veggies and delicious bread provided by various awesome family members. Potlucks are the best. You can also see our overflow fruit area.... the Vegan Eats & Treats household is serious about fruit consumption!

Well, no party's a party without cupcakes. And, we all know cuppers don't really take that long either. I whipped together a quick batch of the *amazing* Coconut Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream Frosting from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World." My brother's ladyfriend is a big fan of coconut, so that was the obvious place to start. Don't they look beautiful, even bare out of the oven!?

Then I got the criminally delicious coffee frosting on there, and dipped them in toasted coconut. I think these might be my new favorite cupcake. It was getting a little dark, so I went out in the backyard for better photo lighting. Well, look who followed me! Apparently little Stevie Wonder also loves coconut cupcakes. Or, at least, she suspects she would love them, and would like very much to do some empirical testing to prove her hypothesis. She kept smacking her lips in the cutest way, and I kept missing her bright pink tongue with my slow camera skills.... so I made a movie!

Here she is in all her cutie pie glory.


  1. Your potlucks always look so fantastic! And pesto is quite brilliant, I totally never thought of freezing it before.

    Cute video!

  2. everything looks the pasta dish...very yummy looking.

  3. You seriously throw the best potlucks! Stevie is a smart girl; those cupcakes look great, and I am not normally a cupcake fan.

  4. Stevie Wonder always makes me smile! Aww, what a cutie patootie! I want to squeeze her and feed her endless coconut cupcakes!

    By the way, your (new?) hand-drawn blog header is totally awesome!

  5. Anonymous8:20 AM

    That is a good cupcake recipe - thanks for the reminder! I made them for my daughter's birthday party this past March. I love the smell of toasted coconut!

  6. awh what a cutie-pup! do you feed him a vegan diet? I need all the advice I can get for trying to bring up my Gerry as a veggie!

  7. Love all the green going on in that plate! Mmmm!


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