Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Apple Crisp & Another Noodley Dish

Here's the apple crisp I made last night. My grandparents gave me a big bag of apples from their tree... so I cut up the good bits, mixed in a touch of lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon... and topped it with some crumble. In the topping is oats, whole wheat pastry flour, maple sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg, and a bit of canola oil. It turned out really good!
Here's a yummy mess of apple crisp (aka my breakfast this morning!)

For lunch I had a delicious mango and we also had this new vegan pizza from Amy's brand. I saw a mention of it in the latest issue of "VegNews"... and since I LOVE their other vegan pizza, I thought I'd give it a try. Both Musty and I agreed that it was pretty darn good! Especially considering that it's got a gluten free rice crust and non-dairy cheese! I must confess that I am decidedly not a fan of fake cheese. As a former cheese fanatic, I have decided that in my vegan state it is easier to live cheese-free than to eat the many weird food products that pass as cheese substitutes. And in spite of all of that, I thought this pizza was very tasty! If I hadn't noticed that a third of this little fella had 20 gr of fat, I probably would have eaten even more. :) All in all, I liked it, but I'm still partial to their original vegan pizza...

For dinner tonight, I made a recipe from Vegetarian Times... brocolli with tofu, orange sauce, and served over udon noodles. It's quite tasty. The noodles were supposed to be soba noodles, but I didn't have any. As per Musty's request, we also added in some water chestnuts. For the tofu I used some of my Asian Tofu triangles from yesterday. Yum!


  1. Love your blog! I just looked at your posts and your food looks wonderful.

  2. Hi Melody,
    Thanks!! Thanks for looking at my little blog, and for the nice foodie comments. It's really fun.


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