Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Confessions of a Farmer's Market Glutton

Me + Farmer's Market = Danger!

I just totally cannot stop myself at the farmer's market. And in these parts, there are 4 or 5 markets a week to pick from! Most especially, I can't stop myself from buying FRUIT. Today I bought so many peaches and nectarines and 4 different kinds of melons and two tubs of blueberries... and a crate of "jammer" peaches. Sigh. Oh yeah, and some basil and tomatoes too. Ha ha! When I got to the grocery store, I realized that I had gotten so excited about the fruits that I had pretty much forgotten to get any veggies. Hee hee, oops!

Tonight I got some of my jammer peaches and made a batch of low-sugar peach jam. It only made 5 jars... but that's okay, because how much jam can a person use anyway? Also... making jam only used up 5 or 6 peaches, so I've got a LOT of peaches to use up in the next day or two!!! So check back for more peachy fun.

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