Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Calzones & Stuffed Bell Peppers!

Whew! It's hard to blog during the holiday season, isn't it! I keep meaning to do it... and end up doing something else instead. But not to worry... we are still eating, and taking pictures!

Inspired by Chris & Darlene and Bazu, I decided to try making some calzones. I haven't ever made them before - even in my prevegan days. They were pretty good, but a bit dry on the inside. I sauteed up some garlic, onion, and fresh herbs. Then cuisinarted some firm tofu, lemon juice, tahini, miso, and salt... and mixed it with the onion mix. Then I chopped up a couple heads of broccoli into tiny bits, and mixed that in, as well as a handful of pinenuts. Finally I made a bit of tomato sauce (I should have made a bit more). I made 4 calzones with the crust, spread on some tomato sauce, and then glooped on a bunch of tofu-broccoli mix. I've still got one half of one left... they do make great leftovers! Thanks for the good idea Bazu and Chris!

I had some left over broccoli-tofu mix to put to use, so I mixed in a decadent little jar of tomatoes from my friend Jane's farm, along with some leftover cooked brown rice, a handful of bread crumbs, and a bunch of chopped up beet greens. Wow, these were GREAT! We've got happy bellies tonight.

Our oven is a bit on the fritz, but still managed to bake these little babies. We've got someone coming out tomorrow to give it a check-over, hopefully it will work with all the cooking I've got to do for xmas!


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I never made calzones before my vegan days either! Yours look and sound so yummy... They're great dipped in some extra marinara sauce too. Oh, and your stuffed peppers are beautiful, and equally tasty I'm sure. I hope your oven is not diagnosed with anything too serious! :)

  2. Hi Laura!
    Yeah, next time I make calzones, I'll definitely make a lot more marinara sauce to go with them. They also made very delicious and handy left overs!

    Thanks for the oven wishes... I've got my fingers crossed!

    :) Amey

  3. Those look/sound like good calzones! The calzones I've made in the past have turned out pretty dry, too. You are definitely right about adding more marinara sauce. I finally figured that out after having the vegan calzones that one of our local pizza places makes. They use a ton of marinara. The tradeoff is that they are not as good as leftovers because they get a bit soggy.

  4. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I totally understand about blogging being hard right now, as I've been off for over a week! You have actually managed to blog quite successfully!

    Your calzones look great- and don't they make awesome leftovers?
    Those peppers look excellent too. Yum.

    Hope you're having a great time... I have my laptop, and hope to get back to posting, even in the midst of traveling!

  5. Hi Jen,
    Interesting point about the calzones with so much marinara being too soggy as leftovers. I'll have to take that into consideration... Thanks!

    Hi Bazu,
    I'll keep my eyes out for some travelling blog posts from you! :) Have fun!


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