Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Special Pot Luck Party

Tonight we had a potluck party for one of our very very special friends, who is about to move to Boise the day after tomorrow. We will really miss her!

I made a big mess of garlicky braised collards... Also on hand were pita chips, a great salad, some delicious chili, guacamole, hummus... and lots of other goodies. Potlucks are great! I love the way all the food just shows up when the people show up! For dessert I made a big fruit salad, figuring that most of us have had enough sugar for now.

It was a fun party, even if it is a bit bittersweet.


  1. Anonymous4:08 AM

    I never know what to bring to potlucks but all that stuff looks great!

  2. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I have always loved potlucks, and now I really like it when I can find a vegan potluck or when several people are kind enough to make their contributions vegan. All that food sounds great... even if it is hard to say goodbye to a friend!

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Oh man, I have a potluck next weekend and this is getting me super excited/hungry to go! Garlicky greens sound excellent right now.

  4. Anonymous8:46 AM

    I have so missed visiting your blog and seeing your mouth-watering plates- and this is no exception. Quite possibly the perfect plate of food for my tastes. Mmmmm.
    And good luck to your friend on her move!

  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    YUM! I love the potluck foods! Guacamole and hummus are two of my favorites!!

    I hope you have a Happy New Year!!!

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I'm back to say Happy New Year! I hope you have fun ringing it in!

  7. Hi Chris!
    What to bring to a potluck can be tricky. This time we did one of those more "organized" potlucks - where each person was assigned "entree, bread, veggie, drinks," an so on. That really helps.

    Hi Laura,
    I know just what you mean about vegan potlucks! I think it would be so fun to have some real vegan potlucks, but I just don't know that many vegans. But, that said, it was really nice how many people brought something vegan to share... very touching.

    Hi Jess,
    Have fun with your potluck! There are so many options... it's hard to decide what to bring. And, I agree, garlicky greens do sound good! They pretty much always sound good to me!

    Hi Bazu,
    Happy New Year to You too!!! We did have fun ringing it in, hope you did too. I've missed your little weird veggie face icon, and your great comments... so it's great to have you back!

    Hi Candi!
    Welcome back to you too! Hope your big move is settling in and that your new year is a great one!!

    love Amey


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