Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Bloggies!
I hope you all had a fun celebration last night! We had a super fun and super quiet time... we went over to my parents' house and played games and watched "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" with my parents, my grandparents, and my little nephew (who lasted until midnight for the first time, and was giddy with delirium). It was very fun.

I've been cooking lots lately... here's the evidence:

2 nights ago we had Dreena's "Morrocan Chickpea Patties"... I'd made them once before, the same week that i got her cookbook "Vive Le Vegan" - and they turned out even better this time (I think because I followed her advice and let the batter sit for an hour in the fridge). They were delicious and delicate and all gone by the end of dinner! YUM.

With the patties we both had a giant salad.

I had to do some baking to see if our oven had been successfully repaired (sadly, no... looks like I might be headed for a new oven... sigh!!). Anyhow, I did make these "Persimmon Bars." I followed a very flawed recipe from our local newspaper, which was full of omissions and errors, so the bars turned out far too moist. Very tasty though. I intend to tweak around a bit and then I'll post the recipe.

And! Last night I made these gorgeous and delicious "Black Bean and Sweet Potato Cornucopias" from Bryanna Clark Grogan's Vegan Feast Newsletter. I've been getting the newsletter all year, but I often forget to look at it when I'm trying to make a grocery list. So, this week you can expect to see a few more things from various newsletter. Anyhow, her recipe called for using wheat tortillas - which would have been easier and more attractive - but I only had corn tortillas, so I made it work. You're supposed to roll the tortilla into a cone shape, but these guys kept breaking every time I tried, so I resorted to the classic quesedilla shape. These were so very delicious - pretty and tasty and filling and nutritious... a perfect dish for company.

Happy New Year!


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Good food picks for the first of the year. I recently made Dreena's morrocan patties, I agree with you they were delish. We tried them with the ginger dipping sauce and sweet potato fries as suggested - yummers.

    The cornucopia's of Bryanna's - we enjoyed them s few months ago too and I think I'll do these again soon. Happy New year.

  2. Yum! look at all your vegan goodies. I've not been as cookie as usual lately, but i've been craving good eats. wish I was closer...


  3. Anonymous4:21 PM

    All your food looks great! I love those chickpea patties! The first time I made them, I did not let them sit either...and I learned my lesson! Lol!

    Happy New Year to you!!!

  4. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Happy New Year Amey! Looks like you've been making some delicious food. The cornucopias look so wonderful - great presentation.

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I'll definitely have to try those chickpea patties.

    And I like your movie selection. It's one of Steve Martin's better ones I think and I've always liked Michael Caine.

  6. Hi Dori,
    I'd love to hear which other recipes of Bryanna's you've made and enjoyed. I'll check out your blog!

    Hi Jacey!!!
    It's so great to hear from you! Your blog won't let me comment lately...? weird. I'm sure you'll be feeling "cookie" again once you get that little squirt out into the world. By the way, tell Little Bit a big huge happy birthday from me today!

    Hi Candi,
    :) Yes, apparently letting the batter firm up in the fridge really helps. It also helped to cook the patties on Medium heat and actually not mess with them or turn them over at all for 8 minutes, then again on the 2nd side. I think the first time I made them I may have messed around with them a bit too much. Impatient me!

    Hi VivV,
    Happy New Year! I've been digging your blog lately too. Oh, those truffles! The cornucopias were very easy and tasty. Great flavors.

    Hi Chris,
    Yeah, I agree about the movie. My parents picked it out and I hadn't seen it in many years, so it was delightfully hilarious all over again.

    Happy New Year everyone!
    :) Amey


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