Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spag, Smoothie, Seitan, & A Product Review!

Two nights ago I made Musty's ALL STAR favorite-ist dinner ever - spaghetti & "meatballs." He just goes nuts when I tell him I'll make this. I use whole wheat noodles, homemade sauce, and Nate's meatballs. For me, it's a quick and so-so meal - but for Musty, it's what dreams are made of. I had such a great time eating kale last week, that I couldn't live without it. I got some jacinto kale, chopped it up tiny, and braised it with some garlic and veg broth. YUM. Now, this was tasty!! Even Musty ate it, although he did say "look, I can eat it without chewing". Sigh. Not ideal, but good enough I suppose!

Yesterday afternoon I made myself a super nice smoothie. I used a recipe from the new issue of BUST magazine, for a pomegranate smoothie. I veganized it and modified it a bit... mine had 3/4 cup pomegranate juice, 1/2 c soy milk, 1 frozen banana, 2 T slivered almonds, and a squeeze of agave nectar. Mmmm. Unfortunately, the magazine recommended using POM brand juice. Ugh! I used my nice juice from the farmer's market.

Last night for dinner I made a quick and modified version of VwaV's "Jerk Seitan." I got home from teaching at 9 and needed something pretty quick. I had defrosted some homemade seitan earlier in the day - so I chopped it up and quickly marinated it while I chopped up an onion and put on some rice. I cooked the onion, added the seitan - and then used spinach instead of green peppers. YUM! It was a great substitute. Lately I've been doing all my produce shopping at the farmer's market - and we've got spinach, but no peppers. It's fun eating locally and seasonally (at least as far as produce is concerned)... I'm not sure if it'll last all winter - but I'm really enjoying it right now. Also - notice my green rice?? Isn't that cool?? It's actually just white rice that's been soaked in bamboo juice - I got it on my trip to San Francisco. It really looks green when it's done ... so pretty!

Lastly, a product review: The new "jocalat" bar from Lara Bar company. I was at a little health food store that I don't go to often, looking for a snack, when I spotted these. They had 3 flavors - all ingredients are raw and fresh and organic and fair trade! I picked out chocolate mint flavor (the other two were chocolate and chocolate orange), and I wasn't disappointed. A nice "real chocolate" flavor and a nice strong pepperminty taste too. I saved the wrapper, so I could share it with all of you. :) Very good!


  1. That green rice is so pretty! Those meals look really inviting. And I've tried the Lara bar chocolate/orange one, and I totally dig it. It's not too sweet, and it has my all-time favorite flavor combination, how can you go wrong?

  2. Hi Bazu,
    Oooh good. I'm glad to hear good things about chocolate-orange, I think I'll try it next. I also really like the chocolate & orange flavor combo.

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What are Nate's meatballs? Is this a recipe of a product you get in the store? POM just announced they ending their animal testing and not doing any further testing (I know, it's a little late - but least it's something).

  4. Ooo I picked up one of those bars the night before last but have yet to try it - thanks for the review!

  5. Your smoothie looks awesome - healthy and pretty, how can you go wrong?

    I am envious of your love of kale...I wish I could develop a taste for it. In order for me to consume it willingly, I have to juice it with a ton of lemon to knock out that "green" flavor. Ick. It's probably just a taste you have to acquire, though.

    And your farmer's markets! Envy squared!

  6. I've never tried a Larabar. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. I just love smoothies and yours look so refreshing. And the Kale looks so yummy. It's on my favorite things.

  7. Hey! Your food always looks very deicious! I found your blog a couple weeks ago and and have been adicted ever since! Hope your weekend is full of yummy food and fun cooking! -Kelsey

  8. Yum! Seems like everyone is making spaghetti lately. It is one of my all time favorite foods too. I love how you use seasonal foods such as the spinach. :) I'm planning on trying the sietan recipe from VwaV, everyone seems to like it. :)

    Oh I got new pyrex plates! :)

  9. I love the green rice! I love larabars too - I'll keep an eye out for those new ones.

  10. Hi VivV,
    That's great news about POM! Better late than never. Nate's Meatballs are a store-bought product... they're also available at Trader Joe's (under TJ brand). They're pretty good.

    Hi Jess,
    Let me know what you think of the new lara bar!

    Hi Kati,
    I have to admit, it's taken me a while to embrace kale. I really like the Jacinto kale (also called dinosaur kale). It's not as bitter as other kinds of kale. Also, I like it steamed, where it's not so bitter. :) Maybe someday you'll be a kale fan - and then again maybe not!

    Hi Emmy,
    The Larabars are pretty neat. My friend who is a nutritionist and dietician recommends them to all her clients. They're made with very few ingredients - always raw and whole foods. Nice concept.

    Hi VegTeen!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! :)

    Hi Ruthie,
    I can't want to see your new plates. How fun!

    Hi Atxvegan,
    yeah, the green rice was so fun. I think I'll buy more next time I go up to SF. It's silly but fun. I think they had yellow too!


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