Monday, February 05, 2007

Seitan Bourguignonne

The last few days I have really been in the mood for some hearty "seitany" meals - thick, rich, complex, filling... So, tonight I made the "Seitan Bourguignonne" (that's some crazy spelling!!) from "Voluptuous Vegan."

It's a very nice recipe, and just what I was in the mood for. It wasn't at all hard to make, but it was crazy complicated. I actually had to get out a piece of paper and write down things like "roasted peppers: 8:30" "seitan: 9:10" "onions: 9:05" ... for the times when each various component was ready to be removed from the oven, added to something etc. Ha! But it's a rich and stewy dish - full of red wine and a marinade made with miso, soy sauce, garlic, mirin, vinegar, red wine... It's got 2 kinds of mushrooms in it, seitan, onions, red peppers, and peas. I served it over rice.

I don't really like mushrooms, but even more than I don't like mushrooms I've decided that I don't like being limited away from mushroom-having-dishes. So I am working on developing a taste/tolerance/appreciation for them. I do like the richness that they give... and it seems like if they are cooked up and cut into relatively small bits then I can downright enjoy them. Imagine that!

If you're in the mood to cook, I'd recommend this tasty and hearty recipe!


  1. Just wanted to mention how beautiful the birthday cake is in the below post. All the other food looks great, too, of course!

    Love the blog!

  2. I've been in a total seitan mood, too. I think it must be the cold weather, here - but that can't be your excuse in Cali! I never really used to like mushrooms, either, but now I don't mind them so much - as long as they're not overcooked and rubbery. :P I think chopped into small pieces is definitely the way to go.

  3. That sounds good. My seitan experience is very limited, but I'm up for givinig it a try soon. I'm very sorry you don't like mushrooms! :) But I'm glad you have found some ways that you can enjoy them anyway. You're right about the richness they add to dishes.

  4. I just made my rounds and saw your awesome Sunday post.... wish I were there! lol. You have some great ckae decor talent, but I'm not much of that kind of eater, everything else is what has me wishing I had that for supper this evening instead of processed veggie dog sandwich with sprouts and roasted cauliflour.

    About mushrooms, my DS says he doesn't like them either but never minds much when they are minced into little peices. Actually I think e doesn't even know that they are there.

  5. Looks delicous and hmmm bloody! LOL Thank you so much for your comments on my blog -- I truly appreciate them!!!

  6. Your seitan dish looks and sounds deliciously rich and comforting.

    I can relate to your mushroom issues. I'm trying to learn to like eggplant.

  7. Hi Judy!
    Thanks for stopping by, and for the super nice comments! :)

    Hi Kati,
    It's true, it's not really that cold here... but I still think that the wintery-ness around is what put me into a seitan mood. This weekend I'm going to San Diego, where it's *really* warm!

    Hi Laura,
    Your comments are always so friendly! I never tried seitan until only a year or two ago, and I've really enjoyed learned about it. The best thing about it is that you can make some really "meaty" style dishes. I've had good success with the seitan recipe in VwaV and in La Dolce Vegan (where they are called "Faux meats").

    Hi Dori!
    I know what you mean about being more tempted by the actual food than by the cake. I totally agree with you about that! I also agree, as do many others apparently, that chopping up mushrooms is the true secret to success!

    Hi Ruthie!
    Ha ha! Bloody!? It's tomato-y!!! :)

    Hi ATXVegan,
    It's good to know that there are others out there working on their veggie issues. Once you become a vegan, it's a real liability each time you've got a veggie that you're biased against... isn't it? And I totally understand about eggplant - I'm only a fan of eggplant when it's really, really cooked and mushy. Otherwise, it's a bit freaky to me. :)

  8. mmmm....there's a bourg... recipe in now and zen epicure that's delicious and not at all complicated. Very hearty and yummy, it was the first "fancy" vegan meal that I attempted way back when we lived in sunnyvale, and i still make it when i need something a bit heartier.

  9. I got that book for Christmas and have yet to attempt anything from it. It all looks delicious...yet complicated.

  10. That dish really does look hearty and filling- sometimes you need a dinner like that.

    I feel the exact same way you do about foods I don't like- I look at it as a goal to start liking it! I just think to myself, when I was a kid, I detested olives, avocados, papayas... could I imagine life without them now? No way! My current "project" is spirulina- it is so good for you, but smells so weird. I just keep trying to eat small amounts of it to get used to it- you know what they say, it can take the adult tastebud up to 12 tries to get used to a new flavor! (Where the heck is that fact from? Who came up with it?) lol!

  11. This does seem like a fun dish to make when you're in the mood for cooking! Interesting that you mention developing a tolerance for mushrooms, because this recipe has red wine, which I would like to develop a tolerance for. I've never had a taste for wine, though I don't mind the taste that white wine imparts on dishes. Who knows if the health benefits of red wine are really valid, but I tend to try to incorporate a bit of all of those types of foods just to be safe :-) dark chocolate is no problem :-) but red wine I am struggling with. This looks like a good one that I will put on the list to try.

  12. Looks gourmet & tasty. I'm a huge mushroom fan, so this woul dbe right up my alley.

  13. Even though I've been vegan for two years (not that long in the scheme of things I guess!), I've only tried seitan once. It was at my uni dining hall, and it freaked me out--I was worried it was real meat! I keep meaning to make my own... maybe I'll try that recipe with it, since it looks yummy.

  14. Hi Jacey!
    Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the tip about the other bourgi recipe. I'll check it out. I don't have that cookbook, but I'm sure I can find it at the library or whatever. :)

    Hi Nikki,
    I also got "Voluptuous Vegan" as a gift, and I thought it all looked too complicated. But actually, once I started looking, I've found some very delicious and relatively easy recipes there. The soups in that book are amazing!!

    Hi Bazu!
    Ha I love your description of learning to like new foods as a "project." I agree! You appear more advanced than me however... I haven't even considered starting my spirulina project yet! :)

    Hi UV,
    Yea, this dish is a home run for anyone who likes mushrooms!

    Hi Theresa!
    Oh yeah, it took me a while to try seitan too... but now I love it! It's easy to make and really hits the spot when you want a bit hearty meal. Also, it's a way to adapt familiar "meaty" recipes. :)


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