Thursday, October 22, 2009

VeganMoFo 22: In Which I Eat The Whole Entire Thing.

Please allow me to express my deep and enduring love for the Vicolo organic corn meal pizza crusts. Synonymous with yumminess and with super-scrumptious! Every once in a while, I'll blog about these for dinner... but rest assured, I make them more often than I blog about them. Especially this summer, with all our amazing tomato bounty, we have enjoyed them with some regularity.

I have a special favorite way of preparing them... it's easy and super delicious. In addition to everything pictured here, you need some salt and some olive oil.

Here is my mise-en-place of everything ready to go!

First I press one big garlic clove onto each crust, then I pour a little touch of olive oil on. Maybe 1/2 - 1 teaspoon.

Then I use my special culinary fingers to spread the olive oil and garlic evenly around the crust.

Next I pile on lots of basil chiffonade. Sometimes I use even more than this. Tomatoes go on top! One last thing, before baking, I sprinkle on a little touch of salt.

Here's the first one from last night, fresh out of the oven, with the some of the last few purple cherokee tomatoes off our vines... and a few errant cherry tomatoes for decoration.

... and here's the other, made with good ol' Early Girl tomatoes, a plant that is still going strong.

These pizzas are so extremely simple and delicious, they are heavenly. It is not uncommon for me to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Last night, though, I was a good girl and also prepared a bountiful salad and a couple sundried-tomato sausages... so I had a couple pieces left over to enjoy for breakfast this morning. A less gluttonous couple could easily split one pizza, but we don't swing that way!


  1. It makes perfect sense you would want to eat the whole entire thing. Who wouldn't?

  2. dammit poo butts, they have wheat. all this talk of cornmeal crusts, gets a girl rustled. they sure look yummy, tho.


  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Special culinary fingers. Hee hee. I think you could market that...

  4. Those look great! Where do you get them?

  5. GORGEOUS! This looks like such a great meal. I love all the garlic and basil, 2 of my favorite things.

  6. We love these crusts too and I have to keep my kids from eating them before I make them into pizza. They loved your first picture and said "See other people eat them straight from the package!". I swear they have gotten smaller though. I could also eat one by myself if I had the chance.

  7. yummy! we love pizza here!
    Debra @ Vegan Family Style
    ps- don't forget about the giveaway on my blog

  8. Awesome. Tomato pies are a big thing in Philly, which I love. Nothing better than beautiful, fresh tomatoes with basil and garlic.

  9. Those crusts look great - so easy to toss in ingredients (and eat so much faster).

  10. Looks delicious!! I enjoy your blog :)

  11. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Yes, yes, as I have mentioned previously I am a vicolo pizza addict crust thanks to you!

    And as you mention they are pretty much perfect for two people for dinner and leftovers the next day, because of the two crusts.

    I've never eaten the whole thing but only because even though I sometimes set out to make the simple & delicious version you suggest, I almost always end up piling these things seriously high with whatever I have! I esp. love tons of sauteed kale/garlic/olives on top.

    Re: the comment about wheat above - surprisingly they do have a version with spelt flour. But strangely not one that is gluten free.

    --jen e.

  12. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Hey lady! I recently got lazy making Deborah Madison's dee-licious chard recipe with masa harina crepes....didn't want to make the crepes....instead put the topping on viccolo crust. Delicious! You should try it! JJTWH

  13. Anonymous9:22 PM

    That looks totally amazing... also, I love that picture of you devouring the wrapped crust. It's been so fun getting to know you blog-style in October!

  14. Funny, fuuny blog entry. Your writing style is why I keep coming back for more.

  15. I love those crusts!

  16. I love these too. My mom makes a great pizza pilled high, about an inch, of all kinds of mushrooms and roasted garlic. It is so good.


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