Friday, October 09, 2009

VeganMoFo 9: Recipes for Happiness

Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats has one all-time favorite fruit: PEARS. Every once in a while, appropo of nothing, he'll say "make me a pear pie!" or "will you cut me up a pear?" - even if it is not pear season and there are no pears in sight. So, this time of year, with pears in abundance, is a happy time for him!

However, poor Mr. VE&Ts is somehow confused by pears. "what is this thing?" "how do I eat it?" If the pear is still in its natural state (ie. not cut into pretty little slices) he will not eat it - despite his professed love for pears.

So, sometimes I am feeling nice and I will cut up some pears for him. Then, he is so excited about his pears that he won't even wait for me to take a picture first.

Those pears don't last long! Even Yummers Potatoes wants one!

Recipe for Happiness #1:
1 peckish Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats
1-4 ripe pears
1 paring knife
1 Amey-in-a-good-mood

Amey-in-a-good-mood should take the knife & the cut pears. Put on a plate. Feed to peckish Mr. VE&Ts. Happiness.


Recipe for Happiness #2 comes from Mr. VE&Ts himself. This week he gets to pick dinner every night, and so tonight he came up with a very tasty meal:

1. White Rice. Although it is not my favorite, Mr. VE&Ts absolutely loves white rice. LOVES IT. So, of course, his vision for this evening's meal starts with white rice.

2. Tomato Soup. As much as he loves white rice, he loves it 100% more with tomato soup. I made the tomato broth from a recipe in "Healthy Hedonist" and cooked it down a bit so that it would be more substantive. Then I blended it up in the Vitamix for maximum creaminess!

3. Sauteed Jalepeno Corn. This was Mr. VE&Ts' selection from "Vegan Soul Kitchen"... which he decided should be served with tomato soup over rice. I have to say, he was on to something! It was a fast, fresh and delicious dinner. I was so happy to still find fresh sweet corn at the farmers' market. And the red jalepenos were from our very own home-grown jalepeno plant! Hoorah!

Lastly, in my effort to introduce you to my fellow, I leave you with Mr. VE&Ts' favorite song for today. His favorite song changes moment by moment, but for tonight, this is the one he's wandering around the house singing with great enthusiasm:


  1. that is one funny guy you've got there, amey, and he has good taste in fruit.


  2. This makes me happy, too.

  3. oh my gosh! So funny - love the cat! your partner is hilarious!

  4. Such a simple and DELICIOUS looking meal! Great idea, thanks!

  5. This post is so cute and funny. I love the kitty in the pictures, too!

  6. I HAD that Carpenters album when I was a kid! Loved the post. Hope you feature Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats more frequently. He's a good "Ed McMahon" to your Johnny.

  7. Hi Yum Tum (Yummers,that is)! The posts are hilarious Amey and your garden is thriving!!! Wow!!!

  8. you are so funny! he's lucky to have someone so patient to cut up his pears for him. those pictures are adorable.

  9. These posts are just too cute. My hubby loves pears as well, and he always reminds me (even though I am the one who told him) that according to ayurveda, pears have the most ojas of any food.

  10. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Pear pie?! I have never heard of such a thing, but it sounds amazing! If you run out of MoFo posts, you could always post the pear pie recipe...hint, hint :-)


  11. Very funny post - I enjoyed reading it!

  12. Aww, kitty wants pears too! Poor confused Mr. VE&Ts. What would he do without you?

    PS: I don't care what anybody says - The Carpenters are awesome! :-D

  13. Aww, this is so cute and adorable! :-)

  14. Thanks for the laugh, what a creative and charming post. I too have a guy around who doesn't know what fruit looks like before it is peeled and sliced! ;)

  15. Hello everyone I just found some great recipes check them out. My family really enjoyed these home cooked recipes so I hope you will too

  16. that is too cute. I need to love pears more- so many from the supermarket turn out to be duds. Maybe it's geography...


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