Thursday, November 05, 2009

Toasty Autumn Suppers!

Monday Night: "Gingery Split Pea Soup" from Voluptuous Vegan
I love love love this magical recipe. It's basically a straightforward split pea, but it's a bit lighter than usual, and the peas are cooked with big slices of fresh ginger and - here's the real magic - a dried chipotle pepper. That smoky chipotle gives such a nice depth to the soup, and makes the whole house smell just amazing. It's an easy, low fuss recipe too... which is worth a lot in my book! The recipe calls for yellow split peas, so it's more golden than green.

Mystery Night (I don't remember): "Thai-Style Tofu & Vegetables in Spicy Coconut Broth" from "Fresh Food Fast."
Truth be told, this is one of the few recipes I've made from this book that we didn't love. It certainly wasn't bad - we both ate it and enjoyed it. But it's not the kind of thing I'm clamoring to make again. Most importantly, I've got plenty of other Thai tofu & veggie type recipes that are more exciting and delicious than this one.

Tonight!: "Braised Pinto Beans with Delicata Squash, Red Wine & Tomatoes" from Fresh Food Fast.
This recipe however, was a big redemption. It was great! Very exciting to use tomatoes AND delicata squash from our own garden! Also, Peter Berley (the author of FFF) points out how nice it is that you can eat the skins of delicata squash, so that no peeling is required. Very nice indeed. This recipe was perfect for our cold rainy night - tomatoes, squash, beans - a nice complete meal that took about 25 minutes from start to finish. Love it!


  1. All of these dishes look so beautiful and perfect. Just the thing for a cosy evening at home on a cold autumn day! I love the way the beans and squash look, what a great combination!

  2. I agree, everything looks really fantastic! Thank you for the split pea soup recommendation. I am definitely going to make that recipe, ginger and chipotle sounds really delicious!

  3. The split pea soup really sounds fantastic. It is definitely soup weather here so I may have to make some split pea soup with ginger and chipotle very soon. :)

    Thanks for reminding me it isn't necessary to peel the Delicata squash. Even though I know that the skin is edible I always peel it. Next time I am going to leave the skin on.

  4. wonderful looking fall dishes- yum!
    Debra @ Vegan Family Style

  5. Ginger and chipotle in the same pot of soup - can't go wrong with that!

    I always peel my delicatas while telling myself I really don't have to. Why is that? I'll stop now.

  6. Whoa, holy tastiness!

    I had a craving for a hot, leguminous soup /stew for the past few days, - insatiably so, I might say... and with our not being able to shop, - that was a real bummer when the craving got so big, I had to tackle it NOW but I had no canned beans other than kidney or garbanzo, - and I REALLY wanted my gran's brown bean soup, - or at least lentil soup, - pretty please???
    Good I had a bag of lentils lying around, - and gluten and TSP for stew sausages... of course now I am drained of most my energy, - but it was so worth it.

    Ahh, I would have joyfully joined you for supper !!!!!

  7. ive been drinking ginger and lemon all weekend.. im getting sick, i should of ate your food too!!

  8. mmm.. chipotle and ginger? i would have never thought of that, but it sounds so right.

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  10. that last picture is making me so hungry! I just tried delicata squash for the first time this year, and LOVED it.

  11. I agree with Bazu - that last photo is making me hungry!

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  13. Wow... I got instantly hungry looking at this. Can't wait to try it out.


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