Tuesday, October 11, 2011

VeganMoFo 11: Fennel Taralli

Today's spice is: fennel seeds!

I used some of the super-fresh and super-pungent fennel seeds that I brought home from India.

I wanted a recipe that would really let the flavor of the fennel shine through, and I instantly thought of these excellent treats we had in Southern Italy this summer - called Taralli. I thought of them as some sort of cracker, but when I started looking for recipes online, everyone was calling them "Italian Pretzels." That's because you boil them first, then bake them... just like pretzels. You can call them whatever you want, I'll just keep calling them into my belly.

Taralli come in sweet varieties and savory varieties, but evidently this fennel flavor is a true classic. These crispy little monsters are lightly yeasted and have a little black pepper and a lot of fennel in them. Here is the recipe I used, from the Wild Yeast blog. I love the fennel hit you get with each bite... it's really a clear flavor in these crunchy snacks. Also, taralli are good because they last quite a while after you make them. So, as long as you can prevent yourself from eating the whole bag in one sitting, you'll have snacks on hand for a few weeks!
(baker's tip: hide the taralli from your boyfriend!)


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I've had that recipe bookmarked since I saw it on the Wild Yeast blog. Yours looks really good!

  2. Yum! I thought they were bagels at first. I am extra intrigued by crispiness!

    Fennel's one of my favorite spices but I just don't use it that often. It's such a character that I can never tell what it's going to pair well with and what it's going to completely overpower. So it's cool to see a dish where fennel is *supposed* to be the star!

  3. Today's illustration may be my favorite thus far!

  4. I doubt I'd be able to save some because they look lovely!

  5. susan6:12 AM

    For all the people who contribute to this blog. I can feel your addictions to vegan junk food from reading your posts.
    You are only fooling yourselves continuing to eat this way.

    It takes a matter of time to adjust to a whole food plant based healthy vegan diet, with out any salt, oil or sugar. It can be done and it also can be very enjoyable too.
    I do love your drawing, they are soooo cute!

    Please read this article and check out the whole web site.


  6. Hi Susan,
    You seem really passionate about healthy vegan eating, which is great. I think you should start a blog! It would be great to see your photos and recipes. My inspiration for eating vegan is really based on compassion toward the animals, but over the years I have really diversified my diet and I have gradually included more veggies, whole grains, less oil, fewer treats, etc. I appreciate your encouragement to continue to become healthier in my eating.

  7. Hi Amey
    I see I got your attention, thank you very much for responding.
    I do enjoy your blog, and the hard work you put into it.
    As I have mentioned I love your drawing, which sets your blog way apart from all the other ones I have visited. I also love the way you write.
    The reason I have made a few posts on your blog is because a friend who just loves your blog. She brought it to my attention.
    Without getting into a lot details. She eats a very unhealthy vegan diet.(my opinion) She is very over weight and starting to showing signs health problems.
    Your blog and other blogs that make vegan foods look so delicious. She has a very hard time giving up these addictive foods. Because all the foods are vegan, she assumes they are all healthy. Which is not the case.

    I hate to see people start going to doctors and start taking medication when 90% of the time all they have to do is change their diet.
    This is what some of the vegan doctors are saying.

    I am saying your blog and the many others out there just like yours.(but not as good) do save animals lives by encouraging people to eat vegan diets. But most of you recipes, in the long run, effects peoples health in a negative way.
    I know this is not your intention, you want to make a positive difference for yourself and others you come in contact with.

    I don't have the time or know how to make a blog like you suggest, but thanks for the encouragement. It would be weak compared to yours. I am also very busy with my family.

    I won't comment again unless you ask, you can have the last word.I hope my comments did not come across hurtful, I truly wish you the very best.

    I don't know if you did check out my link
    She states what I am trying to say much better than. Also read the comments, they are very enlightening and positive.

  8. Hi Miss Amey! Greetings from Portland! Sadie & I just returned from our walk... and I'm checking out all my favorite hotspots online. I love checking out all these new spices. Fennel is one of my favorites.. I think your secret hiding spot is out. It's certainly the first spot I'm going to check out the next time I visit. Love to you!!!

  9. I think I am a little bit in love with your blog!! And I am totally going to try these.

  10. Okay, who's the artist here? I keep seeing these AMAZING cartoon sketches all over your blog and I must know who is behind all of this!!!

  11. thanks Cara! Those are my little doodles/self portraits! And my little dog Snoopy really does sit on my lap while I blog -just like in my facebook doodle. In fact, he's all cozy on my lap right now!

  12. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard of! You are so super talented, Amey!! I love your doodles :)

  13. Amy, my friend, you've saved the day! Hubby has been looking for vegan taralli at stores near us. We found one brand that had a delicious onion flavored variety around Christmas, but can't find it anymore. I guess I'll be doing some baking this weekend. Thanks!


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