Saturday, January 21, 2012

Austrian Supermarket Finds

Truly, there are few things i find as delightful as perusing the aisles of a foreign grocery store. I took advantage of our two-hour lunch break to walk down to the outskirts of town (which takes a whopping ten minutes!), and there i found all sorts of amazing and intruiguing items! Vegan gummy bears, Austrian muesli (I love the muesli here!), couscous mix with dried fruits, soy milk for my morning muesli and coffee, soy yogurt, and a great little sampler pack of various dense German breads like pumpernickel and such - I love that kind of bread! I'll need to make another run soon,since I'm almost out of soy milk.... So maybe I'll pick up a few more treats to bring home - especially some good fruit teas.

This morning was one of the most beautiful mornings ever. I was up with the very earliest light, and went out with my camera to explore the world with about 6 inches of fresh snow. Here are a few shots for you to enjoy:


  1. what pretty pictures!!

    I agree, one of the best parts of traveling is checking out the foreign grocery stores!

  2. Wow, such beautiful pictures. i love how magical snow makes everything look! I'm with you on the checking out foreign supermarkets thing too, it's one of my favourite parts of travelling.

  3. Lucky you! I love browsing for new ethnic foods too, but I have to settle for specialty aisles in the supermarket, or at best, a different part of town, haha. Ah to be transported to another country. And then grocery shop!

  4. such beautiful photos. It looks so serene.


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