Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Book Review: "150 Best Vegan Muffins"

I'm one of those freaks who always wipes the frosting off my cupcake, which I think makes me more of a Muffin Gal. So when I was offered a chance to review a copy of 150 Best Vegan Muffins by Camilla Saulsbury - I was stoked!

Muffins are awesome because they are just a little sweet - but not too sugary, and already perfectly portioned into individual serving sizes. This book has SO MANY amazing sounding recipes, it was crazy hard to pick which ones to start with. I made the Dutch Spice Muffins first. I loved the flavors - molasses, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon. They are one of the lower fat recipes and they came out a tiny bit dry. Next time I will just cook them for a bit less time and then they will be perfect. I loved the flavors and will definitely make them again.

There's also a whole section of the book for savory muffins - which are more like quick breads. I wanted to try one, so I made the NYC Onion Rye Muffins. Honestly, I found them a little confusing. I think I kept wanting it to be a sweetie and then I was confused when it wasn't. In truth though, they're really good. I put most of them in the fridge, and I will bust them out on nights when we are having soup or borscht or something that will go well with a little savory bread. I'm definitely curious to try more of the savory muffins, once I can wrap my head around that idea!

I also made the Orange-Cranberry Muffins, which were 5-star excellent. SO GOOD. Perfect hints of orange with fresh cranberries in there - not too sweet, not too naughty, but a great little great to start the day with some fruit and a cuppa joe. I've got a lot of frozen cranberries in my freezer, and I will most definitely make these again when the current batch runs out.

Just to give you an idea of some of the other great-sounding recipes in this book - here are some others I've taken note of: Fresh Apple Muffins, Quinoa-Multigrain Muffins, Spiced Winter Squash Muffins, Cherry Hazelnut Muffins, Mango Cardamom Muffins, Kale and Walnut Muffins... my god, there are so many! If you do get this book, and find some new favorite recipes - let me know what they are so that I can try them too! 


  1. wow 150 is a lot of muffins! the quinoa multigrain ones sound fun.

    Please also do drop by fundraiser on my blog, if you have a minute, to bid, or share. I am raising funds through auction of fun goodies donated by fellow bloggers for an amazing vegan, animal welfare non profit India! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Mmmm mango cardamom sounds like heaven! I love muffins too, they're so quick and transportable! Sounds like a very convenient cookbook.

  3. Anonymous8:25 AM

    muffins! mmm! great job! those look scrumptious! thanks for sharing!


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