Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter (& Cookbook Winner!)

Happy Easter! or Happy Passover! or Happy Sunday!

We had a sweet little breakfast gathering over here at our house this morning... Easter is always a good excuse to get together and have some yummy brunchy foods. It was just my mom and her two sisters (my aunties!) and a friend of my auntie's. Quiet, tasty and relaxed... a sweet little occasion.

see my super cute bunny plate? I have four and they are all different
these plates are one of the reasons that I had to host an Easter party

About a month ago, I started anticipating Easter... which basically means I wanted to eat a hot cross bun. I love baked sweeties more than pretty much any other treat, and I only make HCBs once a year. That way, they are really special. Usually I use some candied fruit in addition to raisins or currants... but this year I just used all raisins - and they came out great! Also, this year I decided to do something different - in a very belated recognition of the Spring Equinox, I made Hot Equals Buns instead of Hot Cross Buns. Just as tasty! (here's my recipe)

I wanted a nice savory dish to balance out the sweeties - so I made a batch of the Mini Crustless Quiches from Isa Does It... though I added in some sauteed broccoli, leeks and mushrooms, and also a little tahini and dijon mustard. These came out so delicious! The veggies in there add some body and texture, not to mention more flavor! I usually prefer things with a little bite to them, and the chunky brocco-bits were great in the creamy quiche base. I've noticed that I also love these guys better when they have cooled down a bit (ie straight out of the fridge)... so the few that are left over will be good for an afternoon snack later on too.

Plus - Strawberries! What good is a brunch party without fresh fruit? We were going to have fruit salad, but yesterday one of my lovely yoga students gave me many cartons of huge, beautiful, organic strawberries as a gift. How wonderful! She and her husband grow organic berries, and she often shares some with me. I am so grateful. So, who needs fruit salad when you can just dive into a ginormous bowl of these beauties?

I've been thinking about that Creamy Potato Salad from Oh She Glows ever since I first made it a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed like a great fit for Easter brunch... and it was. So quick and delicious. I love the lemon-avocado-dill dressing... it's so thick and creamy!!

Speaking of Oh She Glows, we have a winner!
Random number generator picked Krista
Krista - send me an email so I can get you your book!! (ameyfm - at - yahoo - dot - com)

All in all, today was a really sweet morning... and now I think I'll go hang out with the pets in the sunny backyard... with a book, and a big glass of sparkly water. Ahhh! 


  1. Great post! Happy Easter to you and your family! Every year I say that I am going to make hot cross buns and never do. Perhaps next year I will give your recipe a go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lol Love your EquiBuns...and your charming bunny plate too! Brunching on chilled quiche and strawberries would make me happy any day...cheers!

  3. Like Backpackbees I have been thinking about making hot cross buns for years but never have, until this year! I was inspired by a picture in a yoga magazine which had oms on the tops of the buns instead of crosses, so I made Hot Om Buns. They were easy to make and delicious :-)

  4. Happy Easter, Amey! Every year I see all the great hot cross bun pictures and then forget about them:( Maybe next year you can remind me so I can make them?

  5. Yummy Easter eats! Love the hot equals buns! Haha....I will try your recipe next equinox! I made Vegan Dad's buns this past equinox.

  6. Anonymous12:31 PM

    You have the cutest dishes :) Those hot equals buns look divine!

  7. Berries are such a great gift! A neighbour gifted me some raspberries the day after I got home from Japan and it made me so happy.


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