Monday, September 28, 2015

Vegan MoFo Day 28:The "100% Veggie with Tofu"

Today's MoFo Prompt: "Tacos vs. Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue?"

yeee haw! Ride 'em, BurritoBoy! 

Hold on TacoTuesday devotees, I'm about to get political. Faced with this supposedly tough question, I stand proudly on Team Burrito. As a native Californian, I find tacos charming and interesting... but I have a life long commitment to burritos. A burrito has a certain gravitas to it. To know and love a burrito is indeed a gastronomic commitment, whereas tacos are dainty and flirtatious. No one ever ate a taco and thought "Oh good, now I am fully satisfied." But a burrito is a different story. A burrito brings about a deep relaxation of satiety.

burritos give you power to change the world

Honestly, when I went to Austin TX, we ate a lot of great tacos. I appreciated that you could eat several different tacos in one meal, thus having a more diverse eating experience all in one meal. But around where I live, there is no taco culture. Tacos here are sad and repetitive and tiny and on bland, flavorless little tortillas. Tacos in Austin were exciting and adventurous, but not here. Happily though, we do have some impressive burritos.

Hello Mr. Chipotle Friend! Nice to see you again! 

Right down the street from my house is a super-cute, family-owned Mexican restaurant called "El Chipotle" that has MANY appealing vegan options and delicious food. Plus, the exterior is bright purple and has this toasty anthropomorphized chipotle chili man on it. That's already a good sign -- both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Islands in the Sea, That is What we Are... Sail away with Me... To another land...
A Burrito is a Pal for Life

Here it is from the side. The side of the restaurant is painted with a giant mural of flowers. The man who runs this restaurant is so wonderful and kind and has a delightfully warm smile. I always love it when he's working because it is so positive to interact with him.

There's also a brand new park right behind this restaurant, so that would be a nice place to sit and eat if you weren't a homebody like me who prefers to be at home with all her beloved pets and her beloved burrito gathered around her. 

the mystery, the potential, the infinite wonder that lies hidden within the foil

El Chipotle even sells Kevita drinks, which is super rad. Whenever I buy a burrito, I am already buying myself a special lunch or dinner (I don't eat out very often), so I always throw in a celebratory Kevita while I'm at it. 

I just love the way that giant foil-wrapped loaf of yumminess and caloric density arrives all bundled up like a man of mystery. Or like a little swaddled baby with its whole life ahead of it. What's inside? Is all my guacamole hidden in one corner? What will each new bite reveal? Whereas a taco arrives all open to the world, the Stately Burrito is more reserved and mysterious -- at least until you get to know it.

practicing yoga with my Burrito Pal
(warning don't do headstand right after eating a burrito)

The burrito is shy and reserved at first impression, guarded and closed off. Gradually it reveals itself to you, and starts to open up a little. By the end of your relationship, it is literally pouring its insides out to you!

Once you tear open the foil seal and take the first bite, you begin a magical journey of discovery. Each bite offers a slightly different sub-selection of the total ingredients inside. To eat a burrito is an endeavor is steadfastness and perserverance. It takes a "I think I can, I think I can" attitude, and upon completion, one is filled with a sense of pride, self-worth and accomplishment. 

This here is my favorite burrito: the 100% Veggie, with added Tofu. El Chipotle offers so many vegan options and varieties of veggie combos and flavors, but the good ol' 100% Veggie is a true winner - especially with the added tofu. I have to say, in honor of MoFo, I picked myself up this beauty of a burrito for lunch the other day, and it was just about one of the best burritos I had ever eaten. I'm sure it helped that I was stark raving hungry and such, but really, it was superb. 

I know most of my readers are not from Santa Cruz, but to any local readers out there (hi!), check out El Chipotle in Soquel Village, on Soquel Ave, right near the Post Office. Let me know you're going and I'll come meet you there! 
Goodnight, Burrito.
I love you.

Viva los burritos!!


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    This was seriously the best thing I have read all day. I love that even the kitty at the end is team burrito! (Yummers, is that you?) - Rebekah

  2. Your eloquence at writing of your love for burritos brought a smile to my face and now every time I see one I will see it as a little swaddled baby! :)

  3. Awesome post for Team Burrito! :D

  4. Great shout out to that truly wonderful little family owned business. It makes you feel good just to be there. So folksy and friendly. The paint job is a good expression of their spirit.

  5. A beautiful post of your love for burritos. You put so many of my own thoughts into wonderful words.

  6. Anonymous6:03 AM

    :) I love the metaphor of the introverted burrito -it does make me think the taco has a more extroverted personality!

  7. Haha awww I love your writing about burritos! Also you had some excellent points I hadn't considered like the variation in ingredient distribution making it a surprise in each bite. ;)

  8. these are the happiest drawings of a burrito I've ever seen. <3 especially running through the field together!

  9. As you know I'm on Team Taco but I do have some love left over for burritos and I'm loving your burrito based excitement - a taco could never headstand with you that's fo' sure!


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