Tuesday, September 29, 2015

VeganMoFo Day 29: A Well-Prepared Vegan Never Goes Hungry

Today's MoFo Prompt: "What would you bring on a vegan road trip?"

I have a secret to tell you. I pre-wrote these last few MoFo posts, and by the time you read this, I will actually be on vacation with Mr VE&T in New York City! Wooo Hooo! It's been quite a while since Mr. VE&T and I went on a nice proper vacation together, and we are pretty jazzed. Of course I promise to blog about it when we come home.

All that is to say, I decided to show you what I'm going to take on the flight with me, instead of on a road trip. As you may have realized, Mr VE&T is not a vegan, or even a vegetarian. So, therefore, the world of snacks and gas stations and airports is pretty much his oyster. But, fellow vegans, you know that's not true for us.

For years, when we were first together, every time we went on a road trip, I would go out and buy so many snacks and treats and eats for the drive, and Mr. VE&T would get all weird and annoyed with me. I couldn't figure it out, and he couldn't figure me out! It's so funny. It took us so long to figure out that one of my favorite things about a road trip was having a whole stash of delicious pre-selected vegan snacks to enjoy. And for Mr. VE&T, one of the best parts was the freedom of stopping along the way and using it as a special opportunity to enjoy some junk food and non-vegan snacks. Ha ha ha. So, now I buy a bunch of my snacks for myself, and leave Mr. VE&T to his own devices. So there! Marital harmony at last!

All this is to say, I take the same approach to air travel. For this flight, we have to leave the house super early to drive to the airport, then we won't arrive until early evening in NYC. So, in other words, I'm gonna need to bring a lot of food with me! ha ha. I really enjoy mindless eating on the flight (and in the car), so in that event, I like to bring along healthy low-cal snacks. My number one travel snack is Carrot Sticks or Baby Carrots. If I have celery in the fridge, I'll also make up a bunch of celery sticks. Sometimes I also bring along a bunch of grapes, but any fresh fruit will do. I like that all of these snacks are healthy and low cal and especially that they keep me hydrated.

I also love these little Wild Garden Hummus Packets so much. First of all, they are just really good hummus. Plus, they are shelf-stable, and under 3 ounces, so you can put them in your little zip lock liquids-and-gels baggie. A long time ago, I had my Trader Joes Tofu Egg Salad taken away at the airport because it was deemed "a liquid or a gel." Such a drag. So nowadays I bring along baked tofus anyway. As a hard-core vegan, I am perfectly delighted to eat room temperature baked tofus like a pro. Eating hummus and veggies and baked tofus on the plane feels like real food, and doesn't leave me feeling like I filled up on icky junk.

Still, I might want a few goodies with me that feel like fun snacks too. I pretty much always have a major stockpile of snacks and bars in my house, so I can just rifle through my selection and pick out a few favorites, which is what I did this time. I picked out a few treats from my Vegan Tuck Box, and a few others from Grocery Outlet finds that I have been gathering like a squirrel gathers nuts. I'm pretty sure I won't go hungry on the flight, even if Mr. VE&T poaches on my snacks, which he often does! ha ha. After all that.

I'm hoping to get some other good ideas for travel snacks in today's posts! 


  1. I loved the illustration/story about packing vs buying snacks along the way; I have the same situation with Zach when we go on road trips, hahaha! :D

  2. My OH is also an omni and does the same! I love buying snacks for trips and I'm jealous of your little hummus sachets- you can't get them over here :-( enjoy your holiday! :-)

  3. My OH is also an omni and does the same! I love buying snacks for trips and I'm jealous of your little hummus sachets- you can't get them over here :-( enjoy your holiday! :-)

  4. I love eating baked tofu (or, in a pinch, plain firm tofu!) cold straight outa the pack too Amey! We're SO vegan!

  5. We need those little hummus packs in England! I love the thrill you get in a foreign airport when you unexpectedly find an accidentally vegan snack.

  6. Veggie sticks, hummus and baked tofu with some sweet snacks sounds like the perfect mix! I too would be happy to eat room temp baked tofu, which I should remember for next year's OzComicCon!

  7. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Have an awesome time in NYC!

  8. Have a wonderful vacation Amey and Mr VE&T :)

  9. Anonymous4:45 AM

    I'm with you, I think the best thing about travelling is planning the snacks! You've gone much healthier than I usually do. I liked the baked tofu idea. We usually take a pot of leftover tofu scramble and some bread wraps so we can have it for breakfast/lunch - so far it hasn't been inspected at airport security.

  10. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Ha, I have shocked a few co-workers over the years by eating tofu out of the package; definitely considered hard-core :)

    This is not a specific snack tip, but I tend to prefer flying out of SFO on Virgin (or Delta, which now has a connecting terminal) even though it is further away than Oakland from me (and San Jose for you) because there are two great places to pick up vegan food: The Plant:
    And the Napa Farm market, which had tons of drinks (juice, smoothies, kombucha, etc.), packaged wraps and saladss, and lots of vegan snacks. I usually pick up a meal (or two, if a longer flight) at The Plant, and some juices and extra snacks to supplement what I brought.

    The other thing I like bringing is leftover pizza made with those delicious Vicolo crusts.

    jen e.


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