Wednesday, September 30, 2015

VeganMoFo Day 30: Would You Like Rice or Waffles with That?

Today's MoFo Prompt: "Fusion Challenge!"

A couple of years ago, Mr VE&T was sound asleep... dreaming about Chinese food. In his dream, he was in a Chinese restaurant and the waiter was taking his order. As is often true in a waking state, Dreamland Mr VE&T was ordering Kung Pao Chickn. But, then, out of nowhere, the waiter asked him "Would you like that with rice or waffles?" And then - before he could even answer (tragically) - he woke up.

He told many people about this dream, because he was quite delighted with the premise.

So, naturally, when MoFo suggested a day of Fusion Cuisine, it was time to prove that Dreams DO Come True.

Kung Pao Tofu on a Waffle 

I made a batch of Kung Pao Tofu from 30 Minute Vegan: Taste of the East. It was good, but not quite excellent, so I also checked Bryanna Clark Grogan's "Authentic Chinese Cuisine" for its Kung Pao recipe, and got a few extra seasoning tips that really enhanced the dish. For the waffles, I turned to our most beloved family-favorite waffle recipe: the Raised Waffles from Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. These waffles are made with yeast, so they require a little time for rising, but they are SO GOOD and most deffers worth the extra time required.

So, waffle batter prepared, Kung Pao tofu in its final moments of sizzling... it was time to bring Mr. VE&T's dream to fruition. We each had two waffles, with a giant scoop of Kung Pao Tofu on top. We sat down and regarded our creation... and took a bite... Huzzah!! Guess what? It was really good! Like, for realz. Mr. VE&T noticed that it actually tasted a lot like fried egg rolls. Somehow the slight sweetness and the crispy texture of the waffles, combined with the pungent flavors of the tofu were quite harmonious together, and very akin to biting into a crisp eggroll filled with savory veggies. I have to say, this was so fun and tasty that I would actually do it again. How's that for a crazy hit inspired by the dream world?

dreaming up a plan for Dog #3

Speaking of the dreamworld... did you know that our decision to get a 3rd dog was inspired by a dream I had? We had Stevie and Dottie then, but it turned out that Stevie didn't actually like Dottie very much (she still doesn't), and it also turned out that Dottie really wanted a pal. So she was always harassing Stevie, and that just wasn't working out. It was sort of a bummer. Then, one night I had a dream where we had a third little dog and everyone was so happy and playing together. I couldn't stop thinking about it after I woke up!

Making big decisions based on dreams is not my usual modus operandi, but in this case I'm sure glad I followed my dreamy insight - or we never would have found sweet little Mr. Snoopy!! (It totally worked out with Snoopy. He and Dottie love to play and clean each other's ears, and Stevie loves to leave them both the hell alone. Everyone is happier now. Including us!)

The moral of the story: in the case of Kung Pao Tofu on Waffles, and in the question of whether to get a 3rd dog, I definitely endorse following your dream advice.

Congratulations to my fellow VeganMoFo'ers around the world, across the blogosphere, and on Instagram ~ We made it! I made lots of new friends, found a lot of new blogs to add to my blog roll (yay!), and still have many MoFo posts to go back to. If you had any favorite blogs or blog posts or even any favorite blog posts of your own that you were the most pleased with, please let me know! Now I will have more time for reading and commenting!

Also, I really want to thank those of you who read my blog posts, whether you left comments or not. I really enjoy writing my blog and drawing my doodles... but MoFo is a big effort, and it's much more rewarding and encouraging knowing that there are kind people out there taking in my efforts.

I'm actually off in NYC on vacation right now, but I have a series of Product Reviews posts coming your way soon... I promise not to drop off into a post-MoFo silence! 

Happy End of MoFo2015 to all!


  1. Hands down & paws down, your blog has been my favorite during MOFO! Thanks for all your efforts - the delicious food, adorable critter doodles and entertaining stories & memories have been the best! :)

  2. These waffles look pretty awesome. I'm sure you've seen Hasta La Vegan's waffle theme this year - you'd fit right in with this post haha.

    As always your drawings are the CUTEST.

  3. I love yor blog, and have been reading it and enjoying your drawings for quite some time. This dish looks amazing.

  4. I love this post so much; it's awesome to hear how the dreams resulted in a delicious dish and Snoopy being added to your family! :D

  5. I think Waffles & Kung Pao is a GREAT idea!

    And your story about needing a 3rd dog reminds me of my kitties - one wants to play and one prefers to be left alone. You just put a really dangerous idea in my head!!!

  6. I've loved reading your posts and your blog from the day you shared food with your yoga students has inspired me to try yoga. It's my resolution for October.

  7. Aww I've loved all your posts and illustrations! Thank you for sharing all of them with us! This sounds like a really interesting combination. Loved the dream story!

  8. Amazing fusion idea! More food should be served on waffles.
    I have loved reading your posts, as I always do. It was such a great MoFo. :)
    Hope you are having a great time in NYC (I am sure you are).

  9. How fun to make the dream dish come true!

  10. Thank you for all your efforts <3 <3 I have really enjoyed reading your posts during mofo, as always :)

  11. more waffles gloriousness! Mofo has been great :D Please post pics if you go to Cinnamon Snail, I did a review on Street Vegan and now I live for people taking photos of the real live food :D

  12. Anonymous5:55 AM

    MoFoing or not it's always a pleasure to follow your blogging journey :) <3

  13. It was so great getting to know you this MoFo! I would LOVE to keep a bunch of us in touch year round! Check out this specific post on my blog

  14. Happy MoFo!! Kung pao tofu on waffles - that looks so freaking delicious!

  15. I love this Amey! How cool that such a ridiculous sounding combo was actually delicious. So fun!


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