Wednesday, February 21, 2018

JSport Joy vegan shoes: A Rave Review

Joy shoes from JSport (by Jambu)

You probably know that I am an enthusiastic brand ambassador for Jambu Footwear, and I have some reviews coming up for four of their new spring styles for this year. Not all Jambu shoes are vegan, but they do have a lot of great vegan shoes for women - from sandals to sneakers to heels to boots! So many great choices!

The first pair of shoes I am reviewing this spring are these amazingly comfortable, stylish, and playful Joy shoes by Jambu's JSport line. I am just loving these shoes, I really can't stop wearing them. Joy is a great name for these shoes, because they will make your feet so happy! 

These shoes are great - the fabric is so pretty and comfortable and unique. The grey and white part is a stretchy sweater-knit fabric, and then the black part is a super cool stretchy weave pattern... with a not-too-snug black band around the ankle. Even though the fabric is so elastic, my feet feel very stable and snug in these shoes. They comfortably flex and follow the shape of my feet, it feels so good. 

The soles have a good sporty grip on the bottom, which really makes them feel stable whether I'm walking around town or scampering around over the rocks in my garden. And they're substantial enough that you don't feel every rock and pebble underfoot. The soles are also made partially with recycled rubber, which is great. More recycled materials being put to use, please! 

The Joy shoes have memory foam insoles, like many Jambu shoes do. I love the way these insoles feel - they're so comfortable, it's like walking with cozy clouds under my feet. 

 Oh, Joy!

I was all alone on my walk, so I had to get creative with taking selfies with my beloved shoes!

I brought these shoes with me on a recent trip to Berkeley. I was there for a 5-day yoga philosophy and asana course, which was absolutely amazing. Our course was very time consuming, but one day we got out earlier at 4pm, and I had time for a nice long walk in the Berkeley hills in the late afternoon sun. The Berkeley hills are so beautiful - gorgeous homes, blossoms absolutely everywhere, secret hidden staircases, tiny little streets to explore... it was such a great walk. My JSport Joy shoes were a delight - even as I was trekking up and down hills and staircases. For a brand new pair of shoes to be that comfortable on a long walk with no blistered or chafing is pretty fantastic! 

In fact, the first two times I wore these shoes, I did wear them with some black socks, just to break them in a bit. But I think they look extra super cute without socks. They also look cute with my yoga tights, which I am so grateful for, since I spend so much of my life wearing yoga tights!

The Joy shoes are a cool mix comfy, sporty and stylish. They don't look like sneakers, but they feel like sneakers. You can wear them with yoga tights and look sporty, or wear them with nice pants and look stylish and put-together. So versatile! I really like the creative knit look of these shoes. I got mine in Black, but they also come in a beautiful deep red color and a deep royal blue (can you believe I didn't get blue? I was brave and decided to try something new. Ha ha). 

very cute shoes and a very cool secret staircase

Whee! Cute and comfy vegan shoes! 

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(Psst! The Joy shoes by JSport are super awesome!)


  1. Well, Amey, I gotta say, you deserve your ambassadorship with Jambu. Your reviews are dangerously seductive! The last thing I need is another pair of shoes, but these look almost too good to resist. Jambu might be my favorite brand.

  2. Sophie6:20 AM

    I just ordered a pair of water resistant shoes! You speak so highly of the brand that I decided to give it a try! I live in a very rainy city and it's hard to find nice water resistant shoes! Hopefully, I'll be just as in love with the brand as you are! Thanks for the coupon!


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