Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Vegan Shoe Review! JSport Spin Encore

This is the park where we take the dogs most often for their dog walks. It's right near our house and it has a beautiful view of the hills and the valley. It's especially gorgeous in the golden light at the end of the day.

It's time for another Shoe Review! Today I'm reviewing the new Spin Encore vegan slip-on shoe from JSport (a sub-brand of As you probably know, I am a vegan brand representative for Jambu - they make a ton of great vegan shoes for women in lots of different styles. This Spring I'll be reviewing four new vegan spring styles from Jambu.

The Spin Encore is a lightweight and sporty little ballet flat. This is an excellent little kick around shoe for fun days and dog walks and errands. The fabric is mostly a stretchy mesh, so they are quite breathable, with some vegan "microbuck" at the toe and heel. The insole is comfy, and there's a bit of arch support, but not a ton - so take that into account. I find them very comfortable and airy without socks - my feet haven't gotten clammy or hot at all, even on warm days.

After a real, genuine winter with so much rain, these shoes arrived just in time when the sun finally came back. I've really been loving the freedom to take the dogs out for walk with no jacket and no cozy socks! Ahhh, the spring air! These little Spin Encore shoes are super lightweight, and they almost feel like slippers. The mesh is quite snug and holds on tight. Even with all the pebbles and decomposed granite on these paths, I don't get any annoying pebbles in my shoes. A major attribute!

Even though they're quite light, the rubber soles are durable enough that you don't feel every single rock or pebble under your shoe. So they're light, but I don't think they feel flimsy.

It was so hard for me to get Snoopy to sit still like that. He's never been very bright and also generally just loves to do whatever he wants to do, and on top of all of that, he's also losing his hearing... so the whole situation is fairly helpless! ha ha. He never really cared what we were asking him to do in the first place and now we can't even tell if he heard us or not!

For me these feel true to size, maybe a bit large? If you run a little small, I would probably order down a size... or try both. I have one foot that's a bit smaller than the other (annoying!) and it's a bit looser in this shoe than the other foot.

I've worn these with my yoga tights and with my *actual pants* (ha ha, I feel so fancy when I am wearing non-yoga tights). I think they'd also be cute with skirts, but I haven't busted out any skirts yet this season. They're a little dressy... casual dressy, if that's a thing!

High Fives!

Overall, I really like these shoes. They're light and stretchy and fun to wear. I love how they look nicer than a lot of my sandals or flip flops, but still feel sporty and feminine. Obviously the doggos are pretty excited about them too! All our dogs like "high fives," but no one loves it quite as much as Dottie Bonkers (on the right). She absolutely LIVES for High Fives. If you look closely, you'll see that both doggies are actually airborne in these pictures! So cute. 

Use the coupon code VEGANEATS19 at for 20% of all styles 
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Keep in mind that not all Jambu shoes are vegan, so check out their vegan shoes here

full disclosure: I was sent these shoes for review from Jambu, 
the opinions expressed are entirely my own! 


  1. We don't have any cool vegan friendly shoe brands like that here. I wish we did!


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