Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Makin' Applesauce in the Power Outage

We have been having some crazy adventures out here... our utility has been turning off the power, in an attempt to prevent fires in this dry and windy season. I'm on board with preventing devastating fires... but it's a bit complicated because the company hasn't been able to provide clear information. This week we lost our power for 40+ hours. We knew the power outage was coming, and I was getting texts saying "click here to find out if you'll be affected." Every time I checked, I saw that we weren't going to be affected. Phew!

The first of several picks... and there are still lots more on the tree! 
So, I decided I would finally tackle the huge quantity of apples that I had picked off our apple tree, and make some applesauce. I'd already done a huge batch of dried apples, and had all those apples already picked... so I got to work peeling, cutting out the icky and rotten bits, and filling my largest giant pot with apple pieces. AND THEN... the whole house went black!! WOMP WOMP. But what choice did have, but to forge ahead!?

Pot full of apples, ready to start cookin'
Also, worst pictures ever shared on a food blog. ha ha ha ha

Equipped with my camping lantern and my headlamp, I sat there and continued preparing the apples. Fortunately we have a gas stovetop, so I could light the stove with matches and stay on task.

This is a ridiculous sideways selfie of me with my headlamp on, 
staring down into my giant pot of applesauce to get a sense of how things are cooking along! 

I've shared my applesauce recipe in an old post from years ago (here's a link), but this was certainly a new experience doing it all in the dark - boiling the empty jars and canning lids, cooking the applesauce, setting up & filling all the jars... and then popping them back in the boiling water for a 25 minute "water bath." Oh my goodness, in all I spent 4 hours in the dark, making and canning applesauce and feeling extremely determined to see this project through to its end.

we tried to take a picture... but, uh, it was too dark! 

I had already given away two jars by the time I remembered to take a picture! 
It was great to wake up in the light of the morning (still no power) and see all these beautiful jars of applesauce staring back and me. Of course, there are also still bajillions more apples also staring back at me, and supposedly more power outages on the way... so this may not be my last adventure of canning in the dark!

feeling quite pleased with myself!!

bonus black out pics! 

It was cold in the house without our heater working, and we wanted a hot breakfast... without having to open the fridge. Huzzah for oatmeal! Straight out of the pantry cupboards, and into our mouths: oats, raisins, walnuts, shredded coconut, and a dash of maple sugar. Plus, naturally enough, a sliced apple from our bounty. Oh, and hot coffee too!! 

Our little Snoopy doesn't have a thick coat of fur, and he was so cold on the mornings with no power. Poor little bebbeh. So we busted out his thick coat and soon he was all cozy again. 

Happily, we have power back (for now!), so I can blog, and take hot showers, and open the refrigerator amongst other wonderful things! Turns out that I am a fan of electricity. And applesauce.


  1. Oh wow, you're like a real pioneer woman, canning with no power!! Very cool! But sorry about the outages. I wish they'd give you better info upfront! We lost power for a week in a bad storm a couple years ago, and I was going crazy trying to check the outage map constantly for a sign of when my power would come back. I always get so worried about losing the food in my freezer.

    1. oh my gosh, a whole week! that's such a drag. We were just out for 2 days and it was driving me bonkers. Just like you said - I was so paranoid about the fridge and the freezer!

  2. I love this story. You'll appreciate the effort the sauce took wvery time you crack open a new jar.

    Next time you can come to my house to finish up if it happens again (but hope it doesn't!).

    1. such a goofball. I'm surprised you had power, my parents didn't in downtown. But now I know who to call on if it happens again! <3

  3. Thank goodness you have a gas stove! Power outages are so trying. They really bring home how dependent we all are on it. Good luck!!

    1. It's so true! It's happened twice this month, and I'm sure it will happen again. This time I just left all the bags of ice in the fridge. Our lives are so electrical these days!!

  4. Wow, you have mad skillz! I am very impressed. Power outages stress me out so much, I worry about losing all the food in the fridge and freezer. Thankfully doesn't happen too much around my area (touch wood, summer storm season is on its way).

  5. Now that's dedication! How fitting is it that why I tried to type "power outage," it was corrected to "power outrage"? I think that says it all....


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