Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Vegan Shoe Review: JBU Nina Boots

Vegan Shoe Review!

Hello buddies! As you may know, I am a brand ambassador for Jambu's vegan line of shoes. I have been a fan of their vegan shoes for years, and I love spreading the word about all the cute vegan shoes for women that they make - everything from boots to winter shoes to sandals and sneakers. This fall, I'll be reviewing two new styles. I also have a coupon code to share so that you can save 20% off any purchase at (good only until November 25th, so get busy!)

Nina Boots

I love these stylish little low-cut boots! As you can see, they have a zip on the inner ankle, so they're easy to slip into. I like the loopy stitching and the nod to cowboy boot styling - without being overly "cowboy boots." 

They come in two colors - black (the color I chose) and brown. As you can see the black is more like a dark grey, which I actually prefer.  They come in sizes from 6-11. 

at the park

Mr Vegan Eats & Treats snapped this picture of me in my Ninas - feeling very at ease! These shoes are a little bit on the narrow side, but the more I've worn them, they've responded to the shape of my feet. I have pretty wide feet, so probably a lot of you wouldn't even notice this. I'm also a size 9, and a lot of shoes really just don't look all that cute after size 7.5... but these boots are SUPER flattering and make my feet look charmingly dainty! Sign me up! 

with the antsy pupperses!

I thought it would be cute to snap selfies with each of the pups - but as you can see, they urgently wanted to return to the critical business of sniffing and lollygagging around the park. Also, it started raining - which was unexpected! - but my feet stayed cozy and happy in my boots. The Nina Boots have memory foam insoles, which makes them so cooshy and comfy to walk in. They're a really perfect autumn boot: comfy enough for bopping around town, and classy enough for going to work, looking chic, and feeling stylish.

Pointy little boot toes, autumn leaves, and a silky doggo.

Use the coupon code VEGANTREATS19 to save 20% of any purchase at ! This coupon is good until November 25th, so get shopping! Remember, not all their shoes are vegan, so make sure you're shopping in their vegan shoes selection. Let me know if you get something!

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  1. Wow, these are really cute! Too bad I didn't see this before I bought a different pair of Jambus (JBU, actually). Mine are similar in height, but without the cute cowgirl details. I must leave you now before I buy another pair of shoes I want but don't really need. Nice review.


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