Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week of Blogging: Food Glam!

Sometimes you all must just think that I eat nothing but King Cakes. Here are some lovely meals I never got around to blogging about - until now!

Millenium Cookbook: Vegan Paella with Garlic Tofu Aioli served over a bed of kale
delicious! really packed a punch of strong flavors, and the simplicity of steamed, earthy kale under it all was a great balance. Plus, the kale was from our garden, which was a special treat!

Voluptuous Vegan: Pumpkin-Sage-Pecan Ravioli ... ready to be cooked
I love these, and had made them once before. It's a lot of work, but if you've got a hankering to be in the kitchen, you can guarantee you'll be happy with the results. I love that beautiful orange pasta dough! You can see that I went with an assortment of shapes... you gotta keep it interesting!

All cooked up and served with accompanying white bean sauce. Mmmm!

Beautiful Watermelon Radishes, from the farmers market. A special shout out to my yoga student Suzanne, who tipped me off to these tasty beauties. On the outside, they look like small white turnips with green skin at the top... but inside they're just gorgeous! I'm not generally a radish fan, but I love these. They are crisp and mild - only a hint of the peppery spice of some more aggressive radishes.

The Real Food Daily Cookbook: Grilled Herb Tofu
I.love.this.tofu. mmmm. Look at those grill marks! I was very pleased indeed. These went on to become Grilled Herb Tofu Sandwiches with caramelized onions and sundried tomato pesto, also from the RFD book. But I"ll admit to sneaking a few pieces to munch on their own.

Veganomicon: Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies
Sooooooo gooooood.

A free-form apricot galette with a marzipan base... a delicious dessert for our most recent Sunday Night Family Dinner. I used a big bag of fresh-frozen apricot halves from last summer's farmers' market as the main filling. Underneath, I rolled out some marzipan and used that as the base layer. When I was defrosting the apricots, I drained them off and reserved the liquid. That cooked down with a tablespoon or two of sugar, a dash of vanilla, and some arrowroot, and became a glaze. Simple, but totally delicious! This elegant shot is staged on my much beloved silpat... and you can see the warm marzipan oozing out. Yum-o!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of delicious looking food! The paella stole my heart. And I love watermelon radishes, first had them a few months ago.

  2. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Mmm, paella. I haven't had that in a long time.

    The pumpkin ravioli sound really good!

  3. Ha! Sometimes I think people assume that all I eat is chocolate cake and strawberry pies! :D

    Your paella looks SO good, Amey! Kale from your own garden? Oh, the jealousy!!

    I love the ravioli with all the different shapes! And the watermelon radishes are news to me. They're so purdy!

    Don't look at the tofu. Don't look at the tofu. Don't look at the tofu. Stay on the soy abstinence.

    Cookies = drool. I wanted to make those before we hit the road but there wasn't any time. Now you're torturing me with that picture.

    Your gooey dessert looks freakin' dreamy. And here I am munching on some stupid dry crackers. BOO!

  4. That ravioli...oh my!! And the radish is so pretty! I'm not a radish fan either but maybe I'd like those :-)
    I sure could use one of those cookies or some of that galette

  5. Whoa, those radishes are trippy!

    All of the food looks superb!

  6. oh my god, wish you could see how much i am drooling...

    vegan paella...wow.

    everything else looks awesome. glad you got around to eating something other than king cake ;)

  7. Fabulous eats! At first glance, I thought the radishes were cookies!

  8. sweet awesomeness, where do i begin?!?! i've never heard of watermelon radishes before - they're stunning! and they sound oh-so yummy! totally gonna have to keep an eye out for some! yay! your raviolis look perfect - and those grill marks on the tofus do, too! superw00t! hooray for kale from the garden & a tasty, tasty paella! mmmmmmmmm! the apricot galette looks awesome & sounds like heaven - and cookies are always rock'n! w00t! man, i love it ALL!

  9. Your ravioli look so perfect! And I love their colour.
    The watermelon radishes are very beutiful, too. Never saw such before.

  10. I LOVE the chewy chocolate raspberry cookies! I fed them to some non vegans and they had no idea! I found that although the book said they didn't expand, mine did like crazy, though... they were like frisbees.

  11. Wow, those ravioli look AMAZING! And I've never seen a watermelon radish in real life before... So pretty!

  12. The radishes are so beautiful, and you are still queen of the tarts. I love fresh apricots and I'm imagining how yummy that tart was.

  13. come on amey!!! i know the truth, you are plotting some kind of watermelon radish king cake. just TELL ME.


  14. Ooooh! Aaaaaah! Dude, those radishes?! whaaa?!


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