Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

(or happy spring Sunday, to you non-celebrants!)

We had a lovely little Spring breakfast with my family:
Baked Chickpea Patties with Red Pepper Skordalia sauce.
from: Healthy Hedonist Holidays
This was a great recipe: the cakes were mild, with dill and tahini and onions and garlic and chickpeas... and then the sauce was almonds, 1 slice of bread, roasted red pepper, and a big spicy kick from raw garlic.

Roasted Asparagus & Garlic Tapenade on toasts with roasted asparagus tips
from: Healthy Hedonist
Really good! A hit with everyone, including my brother who is far less of a hippy than I am! The tapenade had a strong flavor, but I made it yesterday and by today it had mellowed and blended very nicely. I roasted the tips for presentation and to bring out more asparagus flavor. The plain toasts helped balance the savory spread.

Hot Cross Buns! There were four left over (hoorah!), but I only just found Snoopy up on the table and now there are only two left (boo! bad dog!)
from: the internet! I got this recipe years ago, and still use it...
This year I used DiSaronno liquer in the frosting, as an homage to my grandpa, who really loved the stuff. I also used half whole wheat pastry flour this year, and they were as yummy as ever. This recipe calls for raisins and candied citron, which is a very cool and yummy addition.

A few vegan chocolate eggs to set the mood, and in case anyone needed a sweet treat!
from: Sjaaks!



  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Everything sounds great! The pics are pretty, I love the colorful background. Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Yummy food! The asparagus and garlic tapenade looks especially tasty.

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Where did you get the chickpea patty recipe? Looks fab!


  4. hey kim!
    I re-updated the post with more information... including where the recipes are from!

    :) Amey

  5. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Happy Easter Master Chef! It all looks so good. I'm on my way over for leftovers! Love you. Sandy

  6. I saw hot cross buns on Martha Stewart and wondered if anyone had veganized them- those look great! And the toasts are so springy looking, yum! Happy Easter!

  7. The chickpea patty and the tapenade look so freakin' good. I'll take anything with roasted asparagus.

    Bad Snoopy! I guess they were really really good if he decided to steal them!

    Glad you had a lovely Easter!

  8. Happy belated Easter! It looks like a great weekend.

  9. I wish I had been at your place for Easter! Those patties look awesome. Happy Easter Amey!

  10. I made hot cross buns last year but yours look much prettier. And those asparagus thingys look especially delicious.

  11. Everything looks so tasty, especially the chickpea patty! What a nice spread :)

  12. I swear, I'm just going to show up on some holiday for your awesome food!

  13. What a great meal! The tapenade especially looks amazing. You're eating asparagus like it's going out of season...oh wait, it will be soon! Stupid short asparagus season.

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