Monday, October 19, 2009

VeganMoFo 19: My Favorite Cookie Cutters!

Here is my disheveled pile of cookie cutters. Not too long ago, I actually went through and got rid of all the ones I never used or actually didn't like.

These cookie cutters are really enormous, though you can't necessarily tell that from this picture. Mr. VE&Ts got me the squirrel for my birthday one year. I think it's super cute, though I haven't yet used it, because it really is huge. I prefer smaller cookies, but I think it's cute that he picked this one out, because he prefers everything to be huge. Especially cookies. Along those lines, the guitar is a cookie cutter I made for him - because he is into guitars. It was originally a big cowboy hat-shaped cookie cutter, which i bought and re-shaped with a good pair of pliers. I've found that to be the easiest way to make my own shapes, because then I have the nice sharp edge and the rounded edge and all that business.

My favorite Christmas cookie cutters! Christmas is the best time for making roll-out cookies. I usually make a big mess of Gingerbread People for my Holiday Craft Party, and then let people decorate them as they please. I like the big gingerbread man, which I probably inherited from my mom, and the cool little swoopy xmas tree on the top left.

Circles! I love circle cookies, and I love shapes inside shapes. It makes cookie eating more fun. I love my new donut shaped cookie cutter (top left), and my big collection of circles on the right. But I really really love my special heart-in-the-middle cookie cutter on the bottom left. It even has a blue button you press once you get your cookie over the baking sheet, and then that blue circle oh-so-gently drops your cookie onto the sheet. I have to poke my finger through a little hole in the middle to pop out the tiny heart. I love the way the finished cookies from that cookie cutter turn out - with the scalloped edges and the friendly little heart.

Blame it on the fact that my dad is an astronomer, but I really love my astro-series. I love the rocket (really, who doesn't love rockets!?), the moon, and the different star shapes. I guess the four little ones aren't really astro-related, they're more like flowers... but either way, I really like them. I usually use them for decorating the top of holiday pie crusts.

Of course, every vegan needs some good animal-shaped cookie cutters. Yes, I have 3 different sizes of dog bone cookie cutters. I love the weiner dog, though those cookies tend to break easily. I just recently inherited the scottie dog, the bear, and the smiley fish from my grandparents' kitchen. Smiley fish is great!

I just purchased these today, and already they are deserving to be in my favorites list! I have long wanted such a thing, but hadn't ever seen them. Then I was at the party store, picking up a few basic baking supplies, when these caught my eye. LOVE THEM.

Here are some cookies from this afternoon - you can see I've already put my little alphabet cookie cutters to use. I've got two really special friends who are both seriously out of commission this week - both with names starting with "K" - so they are each getting a "get well" delivery of Chocolate Cinnamon Roll-out Cookies from Joy of Cooking. Cookies probably won't heal them, but at least they will know that someone loves them.

Some cookie cutter tips:
- Don't put all your cookie cutters in the dishwasher to clean them. I did that and now they all have little rusty bits. It was a bad idea. Even though it's a pain in the rear, carefully clean them by hand and dry them right away.

- Cookie cutters with long delicate parts might look nice, but they are a real pain. Case in point, that darned guitar cookie cutter. About half of the time, the guitar neck breaks off after I've baked the cookies.

- Cookie cutters make a great gift! Just a few cookie cutters, carefully selected, along with a dishtowel or a favorite recipe make a really thoughtful and inexpensive gift.


  1. Awesome! And here I thought I was the only one hoarding a big drawer full of cookie cutters these days.

    We should DEFINITELY have a holiday cookie party!

  2. Oh how fun, the holiday cookie party! I love that you have cutters inherited from grandparents and parents, things like that bring good kitchen karma!

  3. Wow! I don't even own a single cookie cutter; I always make do with glass jars to squish out circles. This post makes me want cookie cutters so badly!

  4. so smart amey! i like your tip about forming your own cutters!


  5. Oh goody! In my former life, we used to host an annual cookie party complete with a contest! the theory was that you came with a few dozen of your favorite cookies and went home with a mix of cookies that you didn't have to make.

  6. That's some collection! I don't have any, since I'm not much of a baker but now I want some. They're so cute. And great tips too! :-)

  7. I was JUST thinking that I don't have enough cookie cutters....actually, I don't have any! I would love to make cute little cookies in all different shapes and sizes so I obviously need to get my hands on some! Yours are adorable!

    To answer your question...kalonji black onion seed is used a lot in Indian cooking. If you check out my Indian food posts (there is a link on the side of my page) you will see that a lot of my recipes call for them.

    It is hard to describe their taste because it is so subtle, but as soon as you include them in your dish you will say 'ah ha! That is what it was missing!'

    They are sort of bitter and spicy but in such a mild need to get yourself some so this will make sense! :-)

    Actually, a lot of Saudi food is already vegan. Falafel is vegan (except for the yoghurt sauce they pour on top) and, my favorite, hummus and moutabel. Those are vegan and my absolute favorite thing in the world, I can never get enough!

    And there is a really large population of Indian people living here so we also have a huge array of veg Indian restaurants, which is great because I am in love with Indian food!

  8. yeah, holiday cookie party for sure!

    i don't have any cookie cutters but my mom has a huge bin of them that we use to make xmas cookies every's such a fun tradition and i have very particular attachments to certain cookie cutters. your collection is awesome! i love the rocket!

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  10. You're amazing, making your own cookie cutter! And I hear you on the long/thin shapes, cats tails/legs are so bad at falling off!

  11. I give this post an A+.

  12. Wow, that is some amazing collection of cookie cutters! I think I like the astro-series--and the animals, of course--best. :)

  13. Love your cookie cutters!
    Debra @ Vegan Family Style

  14. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Oh, I must have those alphabet cookie cutters after seeing them here and the super-cool labor day pie over at cake maker to the stars!

    Excellent cookie cutter tips, too!

    --jen e.

  15. Great post! I love cookie cutters as well. I inherited a huge German girl with pigtail braids from my Nana. Your cookie party sounds like so much fun!

  16. The squirrel is so cute! I share your love of the heart inside of the scalloped-edge circle. I can imagine that it would make an excellent top to a sandwich cookie when paired with a plain circle bottom and some jam or icing.

  17. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Love that you made that guitar cutter! Nice job.

  18. Anonymous5:15 PM

    that was me. Rebecca


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