Friday, February 25, 2011

Plane Snacks, Indian-Style!

Anytime you are about to sit on a plane for +/- 20 hours, you KNOW you want plane snacks. Especially when the airline's vegan food leaves so much to be desired (you really let me down, Cathay Pacific!). So, Jane and I picked up some goodies on our last day in Mumbai... to tide us over on the plane:

Starting at Top Left, going clockwise:
Little square nut brittle candies: beautiful, yummy.
Moong crackers: blah. boring. we both ate a couple. I threw out the rest a couple of days ago.
Black Sesame Candy: Okay, we cracked this open before we even got on the plane. Busted! We both took one bite and were filled with regret that we had not bought 200,000 packets of this stuff.
Flax crackers: very nice indeed and a perfect plane snack! Healthy, savory without being too salty, filling, and fun to eat.
Little fig squares: You can't really see them too well here - but these were sort of like super yummy lara bar bits - figs and dates and nuts mixed together into little nuggets of delicious and nutritious yums.

I had to include one more close-up picture of those brittle candies, because they were so gorgeous, and so delicious. In fact, I still have one left of each flavor. Mixed nuts in a saffron brittle... the one with dried rose petals on top. So beautiful and tasty. These reminded me so much of the sohan as ali candies I make each year for the Persian New Year. Lovely & delicious!


  1. mmmm ... Yum!


  2. yum! where could i buy these in the US?


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