Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Post-Thanksgiving Potluck Party!

I know most everyone has moved on to Christmahannukwanzakkuh, but I still had a little Thanksgiving left in my social calendar last weekend. After we'd all had our various holiday celebrations with our families, some of my PPK friends & I decided to have a Thanksgiving celebration amongst ourselves.

It was SO awesome! First of all, my friends are so wonderful and kind and smart and fun and interesting, and I am really stoked to know them. Secondly, how fun to be able to eat everything on the table! And thirdly, Two Kinds of Brussel Sprouts. Need I say more? It was super yums.

I only got close-ups of a few things... Carrie from Vegan For the Win made an amazing Butternut Squash Lasagna.

I made a Stuffed Seitan Roll, based on this recipe from the PPK... except I stuffed it with kabocha squash and leeks instead of mushrooms.

Here's my dinner plate, which gives a glimpse of all the deliciousness! It was such a huge and delicious feast ... even though it was a lunch party, I only ended up eating two apples for dinner, I was barely hungry at all!

Autumn's amazing brussel sprouts and hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are so delicious and everything is better with hazelnuts!

The Famous Emperor of Cold&Sleepy's blog was in attendance - and cute as ever. It turns out that little guy really loves cranberry sauce!

We had 3 dessert options... including a beautiful pie made by Kathy, which I somehow failed to photograph. Cold&Sleepy made this amazing quince+other stuff pie, based loosely on a recipe from Voluptous Vegan. She put the recipe on her blog, and I recommend it. Plus, her pie crust was outta this world. So flaky!

I made these Pecan Pie Truffles from a Hannah Kaminsky recipe. My friend Sophia had mentioned them to me weeks ago, and I couldn't get them off my mind. Friends, YOU MUST TRY THESE! Simple, easy, gluten-free, deeeeeelicious! Also, you may have noticed that this picture is awesome, and that's because I didn't take it... Vegan For The Win did! She has a whole post about our potluck, with really beautiful pictures!

Well, I hate to end on a low note, but it simply must be mentioned that Autumn also brought along a gorgeous Pumpkin Cheesecake - with homemade cashew cream cheese and homemade chocolate graham cracker crust & with pretty little leaf patterns on it - which then slid off the roof of her car as she was preparing to bring it in, shattering the glass baking dish into One Million Pieces, and completely decimating her beautiful creation. (You can see the original beauty and find her recipe here.) We had a moment of silence at the trash can for it. Rest in Peace, beautiful cheesecake.


  1. What a lovely potluck! I'm so jealous, even though you did kick those poor mushrooms out of the seitan roast. :)

    RIP, pie.

  2. omg squash lasagna and roasted cawls! cheers from an italian veggie!

  3. You guys really know how to throw a potluck!

  4. i wish i could go back in time and re-live that meal!

  5. I am loving that picture of the Emperor!!! It is making me so happy right now :)
    Sending a prayer out to the cheesecake. You have a long, happy life, friend. You will be missed...

  6. Gorgeous tasty grub. I am so going to make the stuffed seitan loaf.

  7. I really wanted to come crash the party but couldn't make it that day. Everything looks incredible!

  8. Yippee, happy to see the return of those truffles! And seriously, that is a lovely photo. :)


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