Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recent Advent Calendar Delights

Remember my post about the amazing advent calendar I won? This little treasure has been bringing me such joy! Every day I carefully hunt for the right little sock, carefully untie it, and discover a new treat. It's been so exciting!!! Seriously friends, if you need some more good karma in your life, make one of these for someone... because every time I open a little sock - heck every time I look at it or even think about it - I am filled with good thoughts for sweet Cara who sent this to me. I thought I'd share some of the very cool, and varied, German goodies I've gotten so far:

Special fun & fancy baggies of tea!

marzipan candies. LOVE!

SchokoLolly!! (chocolate lolly pop)

tea & speculoos cookies
(uhh... the cookie didn't quite last until the photo shoot!)

special German spices for potatoes!! YUMZ!
I can't wait to try these!

Adorable mini jar of Rose hip jam!

traditional Bavarian mustard! whoa!
I love mustard, so I really look forward to trying this.

a little marzipan log.

little Christmas chocolates!

SO MUCH FUN. Thank you, Thank You, a million times, Thank You, Cara!

ps. don't forget to win a prize of your own and enter my giveaway for a copy of my annual holiday cookbooklette!


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    That looks like so much fun! Lucky you! I'm especially intrigued with the German mustard. I love trying all different kinds and strengths of mustard. There are so many tasty varieties.

  2. So fun!!! It's making me "home"sick for Germany. :3

  3. What a fun advent calendar. I don't even have a regular one this year but I'd love to do something like Cara's one year :)

  4. I had advent calendars every year as a kid, although not this awesome.

    I'm really curious about those spices!

  5. I so wish I won this! You are super lucky--these treats look and sound amazing. And they are from Germany, like legit German treats. Lucky you.


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