Friday, March 16, 2012

Dinner with the Farmers!

I really love cooking (obviously!), but it's a rare treat when someone cooks me a homemade meal. I love it so much. Last week our sweet friends Jane and JP had us over for a truly amazing dinner.

Jane and JP are farmers (organic!) and grow the most amazing produce, all the lettuce in this salad was straight from their farm. This glorious salad had two kinds of citrus, avocados, and roasted beets. It was so fresh and delicious - earthy, sweet and tangy. Mmm.

Jane adds a little lemony garnish
For dinner, Jane and JP spent all afternoon making the Paella from the Millenium Cookbook - wow!! I was totally blown away! No one's ever made me such a special homemade meal before! It was sooo good. Everyone had seconds, naturally. Of course there was some kale and some asparagus too, because you gotta eat your veggies!

Jane's serving spoon.

I brought dessert - the Lemon Coconut Tart from "Modern Vegetarian Kitchen." I love this recipe so much, though I have modified it slightly over the years for a creamier pie filling. It's a bright, lemony custard made with coconut milk and agar powder. This time around, our oven was out of commission (fixed now!), so I made a raw crust - which was actually such a great combo that I think I'll just make it like this from now on.

Plus! JP had decided to make a wonderful lemon sorbet - and the two together were a wonderful combo of Lemony Glory. The pie was sweet and creamy and the sorbet was tart and bright on the tongue.

Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats was surprised by how tart the sorbet was! He is very sensitive when it comes to tart flavors... but that didn't stop him from enjoying a few scoops of sorbet with his many slices of pie.

After dinner, I got to snuggle their super awesome kitty L.C. What a love bug. She is so cuddly and soft and loves to be held. It was really a great evening, and such a lovely experience to be cooked for and fed with such delicious food and such friendly love. Thanks, friends!!


  1. How lovely! I need to find more friends who will cook me gorgeous creations from the Millennium cookbook! :)

  2. it must be so nice to have someone else cook dinner for you! i'd love someone to make me dinner.

    the lemon coconut tart looks so amazing! it reminds me of lemon bars!

  3. Wow what a great looking dinner!

  4. That dinner looks right up my alley! I've been wanting to try paella forever, and that one looks amazing! And the tart looks completely scrumptious!

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    What amazing friends you have! They really went all out with such a beautiful meal.
    The tart looks so delicious, creamy lemon dishes are the best!

  6. Awww, I love it when friends cook for me too! Your lemon tart looks seriously amazing, I love lemon desserts.


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