Sunday, May 06, 2012

Product Review: Salsa Time!

The folks at Casa Martinez sent me two jars of salsa to review - and I was really impressed with it. When it comes to salsa, I usually either make my own fresh pico de gallo salsa, or buy the fresh salsa in the refrigerated section. I truly never buy salsa in a jar because it always tastes weirdly over-cooked and usually has sugar or some other creepy stuff added to it. Plus, you really can't grow up in California - surrounded by taquerias - and not develop some strong feelings about salsa! But these two salsas that I tried from Casa Martinez were really great, and I would definitely buy them again. No gross preservatives or weirdo ingredients, and clean salsa flavors.

I was especially stoked because, with the help of these salsas, I whipped up two super delicious, super easy, and super nutritious weeknight dinners and 3-4 daytime lunches. Just for that, it would be worth keeping a can of refried beans and a jar of Casa Martinez salsa on hand in the cupboards.

The first one we opened was the Nopal salsa: a green salsa made with green tomatoes and nopales (cactus leaves). YUM. This is a mild salsa with all the bright, acidic tang that you would expect from a green salsa. I loved the fresh, chunky texture that came from the nopales. I used this salsa for Taco Night! I added about half the jar to a can of refries which magically transformed the refries into tasty deliciousness.

I also stir-fried up some zukes with garlic, and chopped up some lime wedges from our lime tree.

Next, I stir-fried up a huge batch of fresh spinach with garlic, and chopped up a pile of cilantro and fresh cabbage.

Here's the whole Taco Assembly Station.

And here are my taco creations - beans, spinach, avocado, cilantro (and lots of extra salsa!) on one ...
and beans, cabbage, zukes, and mucho salsa on the other.

Seriously, this was such a delicious dinner. We were stoked.

The other jar they sent us was Chipotle salsa, and it's a medium-spicy salsa. This salsa is made with two different types of peppers and is decidedly smokier and earthier than the Nopal salsa, as you would expect. I used  it for Burrito Night! You might notice that the ingredients in Burrito Night are suspiciously similar to those of Taco Night... Why mess with success?! I added a bunch of the salsa to the refries and then added lots of extra to the burrito while I was eating it. I like lots of salsa.

Here is my burrito all dressed up and ready for a night on the town.

Both of these salsas still had enough left over after dinner that I was able to make some simplified versions of tacos and burritos for lunch for a few days too. So good. I was really impressed with this stuff - it's definitely the best jarred salsa I've ever tasted, and I'm really grateful for the delicious meals we made with it. If you try it, let me know what you think.


  1. Thanks for the review. Interesting to use bottled but when you are in a pinch or on your way to a party :)

    Nicole <3

  2. I'm usually not too picky when it comes to salsa- I tend to buy whatever is on sale/cheapest. I would totally seek out that nopal version though! Never seen nor heard of anything like it, and I'm so curious.


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