Sunday, February 03, 2013

Review: Vegan Cuts Snack Box

It's always such a thrill to get something special in the mail... besides the water bill and stuff like that. One way to guarantee that you get something fun, at least once a month, is to subscribe to monthly snack boxes. Apparently there are lots of these services now, which is pretty cool. The gals over at Vegan Cuts asked if I would like to review their offerings for their January Snack Box, and of course I said "yes!" 

 It was fun to get a special package and open it up to find a whole bunch of vegan things to explore.

Here's the whole shebang!
The January package had a bunch of different stuff - some snacks, some goodies, and some odds 'n' ends. There were two bags of Beanfields chips, which I was stoked about. I love their chips! They included Nacho and also Pico de Gallo (my favorite!). A small sample of Kelapo coconut oil, which was really nice: I put it to use on a dinner recipe right away. The Surf Sweets disappeared quickly. You may not know this, but I am an ardent fan of all things gummy. I haven't tried the Freekeh yet, but I'm excited about it because I just finished reading a book with some recipes for freekeh... so you'll see it on the blog soon. I also haven't tried my Nutcase treats yet (great little package! no website!) ~ it's a blend of ground nuts and coconut. I think it would be really super on top of some muffins or cobbler or something. I did bust open my Pur gum (wintergreen flavor), and I really liked it. Sometimes before I teach, I like to make sure I don't have coffee breath or anything too weird goin' on. :)

I'm also super jazzed about two of the non-edible items: my Cuppow lid (which turns a wide-mouth mason jar into a travel mug) and a Simply Straws glass straw. I put my Cuppow lid right to use, and I've been grooving on it! There's also a little pack of Berry Plus Laundry detergent (?! should I try it? will it dye my clothes red and make them smell like raspberries??), and a gift card to an online fitness site called iTrain.

All in all, the snack box is a fun way to try out some products and brands that you might not have tried yet, or that you might not even be able to find at your local health food store. Of all the things I received in this snack box, I had only ever tried Beanfields chips before (and I certainly didn't mind trying them again!) It seems like a neat way to broaden your snack horizons, though - as you can see - it's not really all snacks, it's a bit more than that.   The Vegan Cuts snack box is $19.95/month and you can subscribe to get one every month (and shipping is free in the U.S.) Pretty cool!


  1. Wow this looks like such a fun and tasty box full of goodies.

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    That is an awesome box! I am jealous of your cuppow lid and straw. And I have always wanted to try the beanfields chips!


  3. Wow, lucky you! I keep reading about these Vegan Cuts boxes and am very jealous..obviously they're not available for shipping to the UK. I keep meaning to get one of those glass straws too, and funnily enough I just heard about freekeh for the first time today listening to the "Our Hen House" podcast!

  4. bring on the freekeh recipes. i have an unopened bag in the pantry that i am pretty sure i bought in 2010...

  5. Beautiful review & photos! I also received Vegan Cuts Snack Box and loved it!


    ♡ rika, vegan miam
    ★ i travel + i eat vegan blog ★

  6. I want a cuppow! I've been eyeing those on pinterest for like a year!

    What a great box.


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