Monday, April 15, 2013

Dinner Delights from Appetite for Reduction

I have been seriously grooving on Appetite for Reduction lately. I think I have more or less resolved to cook my way through this whole book. It's just so great. I love that the meals come together quickly, use basically normal ingredients, and are almost always excellent and delicious! 

Mango BBQ Beans, Scallion Cornbread
so yums!

I hadn't ever made these beans before, though I did try them once a couple years ago at a potluck. They were a bit hit with Mr VE&T, which is always nice. Don't you love it when the person you're cooking for loves what you've made?

I really liked the use of mango for sweetness in these beans! Also, I used molasses instead of agave for extra baked-beanie zip. Mr. VE&T said "baked beans must have molasses," as though it were a moral decree.

To avoid eating an entire pan of cornbread, I halved the recipe and made it in my loaf pan, which worked out great. I really loved this cornbread, and we especially liked the oniony zing of the scallions in it. I couldn't stop myself and just about doubled the scallions. I thought I would like it that way, and I did. More scallions = mo betta!

Cauliflower-Ricotta Lasagna
bursting at the seams!

Wowsers! What an inspired low-calification of lasagna! I don't think I would have tried this recipe, since I already have a great lasagna recipe in my life (decidedly NOT low-cal), but someone over on the PPK boards recommended this recipe. I'm so glad they did!

I quadrupled the spinach, because I love spinach and you can't stop me. Also, I used about 2 lbs of cauliflower, because I had it and I figured it could only be better with more. In the end I could barely fit every thing in the pan, so it was bursting with abundance! We both really, really loved this dish. I didn't plan ahead very well, and we ended up eating at about 10 pm, but it's actually pretty easy and takes very little active time... just a fair amount of passive time while you wait for the cauliflower to roast and then for the lasagna to bake. I'll definitely be making this again, we loved it so much.

Root Vegetable Dal
a new favorite!

Oh man, we loved this dal so much, that I've already made it twice. And the second batch was miraculously even tastier than the first. This is most definitely a new standby for us. And, it's such a super way to use all those fun winter root veggies like parsnips and rutabegas! It comes together quickly, is full of veggie & lentil goodness, and is very hearty and flavorful. I especially like it with a generous squeeze of fresh lime.

Thai Roasted Root Vegetable Green Curry
giant bowl of yum

I just made this one last night and it was super awesome! As you can see, I slightly burned my roasted veggies, but not to the point of spoiling dinner. It was so delicious. This is a great recipe chock full of flavors: coconut milk, green curry paste, garlic, ginger, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, and so on. It's bursting full of veggies! Also, I was very grateful that the recipe advised starting with only 2 Tbsp of the green curry paste. I was using up some (super delicious) green curry paste that a friend had sent me a while back and it was mega spicy! Mr VE&T and I both had to go fetch a tissue before we finished our dinners. It was great! Lucky for us, I've still got some of that green curry left to use up, so I'll probably make this one again soon.


  1. id love to try that curry, but everything looks great! i love you you tweak your recipes!

  2. Wow it all looks amazingly delicious! Might have to pull that book out of the bookshelf! I remember that everything i previously made from it was very tasty! :-)

  3. I love the title of the book! Especially because I grew up with the Appetite for Destruction album. :)
    The dish that caught my interest the most is the mango BBQ beans. That sounds really delicious!

  4. I've been revisiting AFR recently too. Working through some of the salads and dressings though- just made the romesco and loved it- great for dipping carrots in too :)
    Haven't tried either that lasagna or the green curry so those will be bumped up to the top of the list.
    P.S great idea on using the loaf pan for a half batch- I often go with a muffin tin but sometimes I like my cornbread square!

  5. Every time I make that lasagne it's a struggle to squeeze everything into the pan! I felt the exact same way about it too, I didn't think I needed another lasagne recipe in my life but this healthtastic version is something I make regularly now.

  6. I love when someone makes and recommends recipes from a cookbook I already have and love — and the recipes are ones I haven't tried yet! The lasagna — actually everything — looks so good. I like your additions, too. I always add more of the stuff I like.

  7. I have loved everything I've tried from that cookbook! A major winner. I really like the mushroom tibs and the chili recipes.

  8. Anonymous3:58 PM

    That lasagna...I had forgotten about it and you reminded me, and now I MUST HAVE IT!


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