Friday, May 17, 2013

A Vintage Pyrex Miracle

A True Story.

Last week, I was washing some dishes as I was waiting for my coffee to brew... when tragedy struck. The double risk of wet, slippery hands and pre-coffee-alertness-levels meant that I accidentally dropped  one of my beloved vintage Pyrex bowls. It broke into one hundred million pieces, which woke up Mr. VE&T, and brought all the pets in to investigate - and I had to rush them out before they cut their little feetsies. 

As I was sweeping up all the shattered debris, I thought, "At least this means I can buy another one."

Later that very day, the doorbell rang unexpectedly. Who could it be?? Why! It's my auntie Laura, with a cardboard box tucked under her arm... apparently she had a little surprise for me: TWO VINTAGE PYREX BOWLS! Friends, it was truly a Pyrex miracle.

She'd found these bowls at a yard sale months ago, and knowing my love of V.P. picked them up me (for only $8!!). But, the green bowl didn't have its lid, and the guy said to come back later. She was persistent, and finally found him at a good time, and they tracked it down. I love that green casserole dish so much, and I especially love that it has its matching vintage lid!

vintage Pyrex love!

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  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Pyrex miracles are the best miracles! How serendipitous. And I love that green color!

  2. Sorry for your loss. But I love the "new" orange one.

  3. oh no!! i think id cry if my pyrex broke. glad you found a cute replacement!!

  4. Pyrex arriving at the door! That would definitely make my day. Love the bright colours.

  5. That yellow bowl is the perfect size for salads, I have a bunch of mismatched ones we use just for that purpose! And isn't it awful how Pyrex breaks into those sharp shards. It's the worst for cleanup!

    Pretty bowls!

  6. I just received a set of vintage Pyrex nesting mixing bowls that were my grandma's. They had been in storage for about 10 years and she passed away 6 years ago. They are primary colors on the exterior with white interiors and I think they're from the 50s. I'm missing the green bowl, but am still so happy to have these. What I'm trying to say is that I completely relate to this story! Congrats on your new additions.

  7. what a cute story with a happy ending :)

  8. That green dish is gorgeous! My mom found 3 of the 3 nesting bowls in pink at a flea market, and kept searching the rest of the summer so she could give me the whole set. While I'm not a 'pink' person, I love those bowls! She also found two of the red/yellow/blue/green sets. Yard sales and flea markets are the best for vintage kitchenware!

  9. Your aunt rocks!!


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