Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nelly Wedge Shoes by JBU: A Shoe Review!

Whoa Nelly! I love my new Nelly Shoes from JBU by Jambu Footwear. The Nellys are the newest pair of springtime shoes I've received from Jambu as a brand ambassador, and they are so fabulous. They're as comfortable as can be, chic, and fun - they've got it all! We've been having classic springtime weather here in Santa Cruz -- rain, followed by sun, followed by wind, followed by sun... Every time the sun comes out, I jump at the opportunity to get out of my rainboots and cozy socks, and put on some fancy fun shoes instead.

I went out to pick some limes from our tree to share with my yoga students, and then all the pets came out for driveway time. We often do doggie training in the driveway, so everyone was very excited. Especially for everyone's all-time favorite trick: high fives! 

Jambu has a lot of great vegan shoes for women, including a bunch of super cute wedge shoes that are great for spring and summer time. (note: Jambu also makes a lot of shoes that aren't vegan, so be sure to check out their vegan shoes page, or double-check that the style you're grooving on is vegan. On their website, they have a vegan logo clearly indicated for the vegan styles).

Jambu makes so many different excellent wedge shoes and I always love their styling. Over the years I have had many different pairs of Jambu wedges and they have always been very comfortable for my feet. Since I teach yoga, I spent a lot of time barefoot, and I am also constantly taking my shoes on and off - before and after teaching. For years I pretty much only ever wore flip-flops! As a result, I really enjoy the opportunity to wear clothes and shoes that aren't for yoga! ha ha. 

"nice to meet you" is another favorite trick.
Mostly they are just manically trying to get more treats from me. ha ha.

These Nelly wedges feel so comfortable, and they also look cute and special. It's such treat to put on a more dressy shoe and feel a bit more fancy and still have my feet feel so comfortable and happy! I have a secret affection for wearing high-heeled shoes from time to time, but darned if they aren't uncomfortable and impractical. These Nellys (and honestly, all the wedges I've owned from Jambu) are a wonderful exception to the rule. There's a little rise under the ball of the foot, so the heel is not actually very elevated. The insoles are made with memory foam, which is super cozy and very satisfying to walk on. Every time I put them on, I get a little pep in my step! 

The day these shoes arrived, I opened the box, and put them on right away and set out for an afternoon with our house guests. They were immediately perfect! Love at first sight! Love at first stroll! 

We took our guests out for a trip to the beach, and then we strolled down to the end of the Santa Cruz wharf to see the sea lions. I didn't want to get sand in my beautiful new shoes, so I took them off at the beach... but while my friends were swimming (brrr!), I did a little photo shoot with my new Nelly shoe friends. The material on these shoes is all-vegan (obviously!), and is a nice quality faux leather, with snazzy patterns die cut through it. 

There's a velcro strap at the ankle, and as you can see in the bottom left picture, there is a cute little zip down the back of the heel, which helps get the shoe on and off more easily. There's a little faux suede flap on the inside that protects your heel from the zipper, so that's not noticeable at all once you have the shoes on your feet. 

Footie also wants to get in on the cuddle action. A few years ago I bought this bench and installed this little mini-patio in the front yard, as an Xmas present for Mr. VE&T. This has become a special spot for him and Footie. They like to sit out here and be quiet together. Footie lets me sit with him too, but Mr. VE&T is obviously his favorite person.

I hope you can see from these pictures of me playing with the pets just how easy and comfortable these Nelly shoes are to move in and walk in.  They feel great and since they also look so cute, I feel doubly great when I wear them. I've never had a shoe quite like these before - a dressy sandal! - and now I can't wait for more sunshine so I wear these all summer long. I especially love how these Nellys look with my capri jeans or with a skirt, so you can see the cute ankle styling. 

Ha ha, Footie sez "These shoes are cute, now give me a kitty treat!"
I love this all-business look on his face in this picture. 

As far as sizing goes, I found the Nelly shoes to be running a half-size on the large side. I ordered them first in size 9, which is my usual size, but that pair felt too big. When I got a second pair in 8.5, the fit was absolutely perfect. If you're unsure, I'd suggest trying the smaller size, or buying both sizes and returning the one that doesn't fit right. 

High Fives, Snoopy! 

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  1. I've been admiring the Nellie and the Nadine sandals, but how can I possibly justify another pair of shoes in my tiny, over-burdened closet?


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